Tesla Model S Pre-2016 Still Gets Software Updates! | 2019.16.1.1 | Ludicrous Feed | Tesla Tom

Even though my Model S is now over 3 years old, I am grateful that Tesla has continued to support the very early adopters amongst us. Early Model S drivers still get to enjoy most of the benefits offered by Tesla to their owners through the magic of Over-the-air software updates.

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  1. Thanks. Tom, I actually don't like to update until a few weeks later to see if there are others with issues first. I too have an older Tesla and love that we still get updates.

  2. Thanks Tom.
    Australia is amazingly “dog UNfriendly” compared to many countries. I dare say some people will use “dog mode” here, (not sure I would.)

  3. Be careful Tom we don't want the car to self-update too much and start driving on its own like Kit from Night-Ryder or HAL for 2001 a Space Odyssey, and all of a sudden it takes you to Darwin against your will 😀

  4. Would be interested to hear what areas of the car you feel are wearing well and not so well at 3 years. What would you watch out for if buying a older tesla.

  5. Well things took a backward step this morning with our Model X having lane changing on Autopilot being removed. Driving to work this morning and changing lanes with just my 2 eyes is damn right stressful.

  6. Hi TT, agree. Definitely a software update that aligns with the Model 3 right hand drive. The Model 3 screen is in landscape mode, so it makes sense to have the navigation detail closer to the driver. Tesla have made the S alike. This is very exciting. The M3 Must be coming soon. 😉👍