Tesla Model S P100D. Brutal Acceleration!

Crazy performance comes as standard, but what’s the car like to live with? We find out and manage to surprise our unsuspecting colleague with some monster acceleration!

Electric cars have long been seen as slow and impractical, but Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors is changing all that. We spend some time with the Tesla Model S P100D – their most powerful car released to date – and see if this super-EV lives up to the hype!

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  1. no blasting exhaust sound no fun, ok bring up some chicks and make em scream like your ol exhaust system.

  2. Those things have always been fast as hell (in a straight line) but there is just something soul-less about any EV. Apparently driving "something from the future" equates to driving a fancy and VERY fast golf cart. No thanks, I'll take a significantly slower but significantly BETTER car like an M5…

  3. You never need to use the supercharger near your house, if you just plug it in at night at home! I do 20K a year in my S and used the supercharger 3 times a year. You don't even need the tesla one, any wall socket will add 100 miles over night.

  4. So refueling at house? That's more practical than going to a gas station.

    The challenges for true green tech, is to see how the car disposal will be after.. 10 years? How much components are reusable, and when will renewable energy source put up to practice at a larger scale.

    Creating a battery cause a lot of polution as well, and demand for battery will be so high with mass production of electric cars alongside other electronic gadgets that updates at a scary fast pace..

  5. It's so sad to see there are so many people who doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission car, think that it's so fun to drive a car with only 2 pedals.

  6. Have you ever tried to ride a longer winding (and dry) track very sporty? Does the power remain or is the power reduced after some time? I drove Teslas, but I had no chance to try this.

  7. You don't have to just use the SuperCharger network, there are many charge points available. Ludicrous mode is outstanding.

  8. You say you can plot in a route driving through Europe and the alps for charging stations, but that is also a problem.
    I want to plot a route of where I actually want to go, rather than where I have to go in order to fill up.
    And even though it is as you say powerful, I don't like the manner of which it delivers that power. Makes it less exciting.
    The torque curve of a true sports car is so much more involving.

  9. Is it bad that I haven’t even learned how to drive yet I know so much about Tesla’s that I’ll be teaching my dad how to use our model 3 when we get it? XD

  10. Great review !!
    The car is so attractive that you could easily spend the twenty minutes charging time just gazing at it.
    We could design "charging stations" as picnic areas with swing sets and walking paths.

  11. Great review… Tesla model S is new luxury car designs for people in digital ages.

  12. You don't need to install a dedicated wall charger if your home already has any 240V outlet, which I believe is standard in Europe. And even in the States with 110V outlets, most homes have at least one 240V dryer outlet, so nearly all home-owners are set. It's apartment dwellers that will have to rely on Supercharging.

  13. I’ve had a P90D with Ludicrous for just over 2 years now. You never tire of the acceleration – not just the sheer brute force but after a while you climb back into something with a clutch and gears and it feels like you’ve climbed into a Austin A40 that your grandad threw out because it was just, well, naff…. The charging bit is a mindset change – plug it in wherever you go, it’s cheap and you get very used to not pumping smelly diesel or petrol and paying £90 every time you stop. A word of warning though…… if your route passes Superchargers or, if there’s charging at your destination or, if your trip can be done in one charge then happy days. If you have to go off route to find a charger remember that a 15 minute detour becomes a 30 minute round trip which, when added to the 30 minute charge takes you up to an hour compared with a 4-5 minute fill up in a conventional car. I’ll never ever go back to patrol or diesel but it won’t suit everyone.

  14. Great Review BUT be aware when you say range is 300. I have a 75D Model X, in recent weather I am averaging 120 mile range against a projected 220 miles!!

  15. I may be totally ignorant, but is this from a tv show? Or is this just a youtube channel, because if it's just a youtube channel the production quality on this video is stellar! Which is why I was questioning if it was a tv show. 🙂

  16. Great video! The Tesla cars are absolutely amazing. The future is finally here.

  17. As a ~5 year Tesla S (2013 P85+) owner, I have to say that having the ability to charge at home makes the car basically a no-brainer. You start every day with a full charge, or at least as full as you want it to be. It's amazing! Best car I've ever owned.

  18. You said it's as fast (quick) as a ferrari, p1 or 918. Actually, it's quicker than all of those. The Tesla P100D ludicrous+ is the quickest street car to 60, period. You have to go custom to beat it.

  19. Well OF COURSE you get a charger at home! The Tesla charger isn't even expensive. If you can afford a P100D, you could buy the charger with pocket change. Once you have a charger in your garage, it takes 5 seconds to plug it in when you get home. Every morning I have a full tank. I daily drive a 2017 Model S, and I have yet to use a supercharger. Wonderful car.

  20. Charging: at the end you got it. You charge at home, you only need the superchargers for long drives. Waking up every day with a full “tank”… forget the ICE car mindset of needing to go somewhere the fuel up.

  21. Always find it slightly ironic how film makers seem to think throwing in a few 1980s fax machine noises is somehow futuristic…

  22. i've done a full charge on autopilot on a P100D. it drove about 500km. very convenient and when i arrived to my destination, i was well rested, wasn't tired out from the drive

  23. Keep in mind that most EV drivers charge at home overnight, when electric rates are low, and they can have a "full tank" any morning. Charging at home is very convenient; like hang a petrol station at home. Most people don't use public chargers except on very long road trips.

    Additionally, as EVs are adopted by the millions over the coming years, there will be millions of charging locations added, including for street parking, offices, shops, apartments, car parks, etc.

    As EV owners are already finding, charging is much less of an issue than people make it out to be.

    EVs are quicker, quieter, cleaner, more efficient and better to drive than equivalent class fossil fuel cars. They have instant and smooth torque. EVs have much more predictable responses and handling largely as a result of the highly consistent and broad RPM range of motor torque. They also require almost no maintenance. Due to their 3x energy energy efficiency, EVs cost about 1/3 as much to operate as an equivalent fossil car.

  24. For people who say “yeah but my car has a higher top speed”, so what. The fun part is the acceleration. When you fly in a passenger jet, do you find it more fun to be cruising at 500 MPH or during the takeoff? The acceleration is what makes it fun.

  25. After the test of the S P85D I was blown away… After the test of the P90D I was even more blown away. Last year at Top Marques Monaco, I was completely wasted by the X P100… I wouldn't by a Tesla because I'm a noisy car guy but what a machine !

  26. Great video thanks to you 😊
    You know!! I like tesla cars model S and model x of cours
    Although they are a magnificent machines… they are tooooo quite and what interests me considering high performance cars is that they have beautiful sound and that clicking out of the exhaust am sure we're gonna miss it so maybe we will find speakers instead of the exhausts in the futur cars or as you call it EV cars !!

  27. Mate…I love this ! I drove a P90D Model S with Ludicrous Mode about 18 months ago and it's still one of the most impressive cars I've driven. The instant torque is addictive 🙂

    You should have put a tenner on the dash and got Tom to try and get it 😉

  28. Incredible review as always Paul, and great shooting Tom! Tesla are lightyears ahead of anyone else, what a machine. 🤘🏽