Is an older Tesla still good? Model s70d vs s85 free supercharging range and efficiency test review

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Free Tesla Supercharging is a fantastic way to save money of course. Who wouldn’t want free fuel?
Some Teslas have this perk but it does require an older Model to qualify. So, do these older cars still drive well with good range or have they suffered battery degradation that would render them almost useless?

Here I take you along on a day where I collect a Model S 70D and use our very S85. Our car is quite high mileage with over 100,000 miles but we certainly still use it every day. Of course normally we charge at home or in the office but when we are on a road trip we certainly make use of the free electric to keep runnings costs low.

I also explain which cars do and do not have free charging. You have to be very careful when buying as I always see a lot of falsely advertised cars for sale.

So have a watch and I hope enjoy.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Every Tesla has a 'Configuration Code' in the owners online Tesla Account. There you will find the classification of your car.
    SC00: No Supercharging

    SC01: Unlimited Free Supercharging – Transfers to the next owner.

    SC04: Pay Per Use Supercharging

    SC05: Unlimited Free Supercharging – Not transferable to the next owner.

  2. If I had test driven a springs S I would not have bought my 75D. Air is a major upgrade over springs👍

  3. looks good now but ranges will reduce more in the future you don't really want to charge on the way to a job or meeting.

  4. We have a 100,000 mile fully optioned Model S P85 performance. Only cost was at the last MOT (2 x ball joints). Other than that tyres and wiper blades… Free super charging, perfect drive, super fast, quiet. We upgraded to MCI2 for £600. Brilliant!

  5. I highly recommend the upgrade to MCU2 in the 2014 Tesla Model S, you have to wait 30 to 40 minutes? Well time for your tv show thanks to unlimited free charging and free data plan.

  6. my SP100D has supercharging code SC01 does that mean it transfers to every owner no matter how many times it is sold on or does it only transfer once?

  7. Hi Richard, Great videos, keep up the good work. A note for you – I run a 2020 Tesla Model X that has free supercharging, you need to edit your video when you say post 2017 will not have free supercharging. Also, a question for you, whatever happened to you being able to supply and fit a yoke to a Model 3, can you offer this? What is the cost?

  8. i have a 2015 85d with 190,000kms and shows 400kms on full charge, it also has free supercharging. I recently went from Orleans to near Geneva approx. 600kms with a guy who had a diesel car both leaving at the same time. it took 15 mins longer in the Tesla as we charged while eating, so not a big difference in time for a saving of about 80 euros each way. We are lucky as we have free charging at work, so my fuel costs are very, very small, I bought it cheap at a car auction a couple of years ago and it is still worth what I paid for it. I have had 2 door handles and mcu2 upgrade as my old MCU1failed, i have also had ccs upgrade which is well worth the money, I also fixed water in the rear light myself took a couple of hours, and cost a bit of glue.

  9. What’s the software support and performance like for older cars – I’m guessing there isn’t the redundancy that you get with phones etc?

  10. Richard.
    Heads up.
    VERY interesting post by Bjørn Nyland just now.
    Remote pack condition reporting system.
    Looks like something that would be beneficial for your business?

  11. Love your videos. I live in the US and watch you all the time. Maybe next time I visit the UK will reach out. Lovely videos

  12. Good comparison. Can you use an adapter on these older models that allow you to also use the CCS connectors that are widely available on other chargers makes?

  13. Another great video an 8 year old EV that has done over 100,000 miles and over 250 mile range. Absolutely kills the ideas that EV's can't do that and need new batteries.
    The quicker we can educate the general public the better!
    I tend to stop after 2 hours driving as ready for a break and charge at that time, usually 30- 40 mins and it is easy.

    Also I live 16 miles round trip from my petrol station and this could take anything from 20 to 40 minutes to get in, 10 mins to fill and pay (after queueing) so a loss of over an hour in general to fill the car up. Now I can arrive home with as little as 10 miles range, plug in my home charger (30 seconds) and go to bed. When I wake up I have over 220 miles range (at 80%). EV life is easy!

  14. I had 2014 model S 85 since half 2019 and sold it in Dec. 2021. This was the best car ever from driving experience + free supercharging saved me 4000 Euro, no road tax in Belgium and completely issue free ownership. I have a 2021 model 3 SR+ and I love it for all that new tech but I miss my model S. I hope one day I will be able to afford new version of model S since it is fantastic machine :).

  15. Remarkable, to be honest. Both cars are at or near the end of their battery warranties yet will be fine for another 8 years and more. Not forgetting that battery chemistries have improved well since these were built with their 18650 formats. Both achieve better efficiency than my year old VW ID.3, as well. 250 mile cars all day long. 210+ in the winter, I would expect. Cheap to run premium cars.

  16. Getting paid £100 to have a relaxed coffee break (something we should probably do anyway on long journeys) doesn't sound too bad to me.

  17. We have a 2014 p85 with 164000 miles and still going very strong still get over 220 on a full charge with free super charging ect

  18. What is it about Supercharging that can shorten the efficiency of the mentioned it briefly? Does this still apply to “modern” Teslas and is it detrimental to cars like the Taycan that can accept 270kw speeds? Many thanks.

  19. Is the free supercharging limited in any way? Could you use it for business purposes (using every day to charge fully, sometimes twice)

  20. Is there any way of telling if the model you're looking at has free super charging? In the software somewhere perhaps?

  21. Great comparison video – as always, guys… You really know exactly what your audience likes to watch. 😎
    That explanation of which cars get free Supercharging and which don't was, on the face of it, dead easy – a car ordered before the end of 2016 – but, oh boy, WHAT a fly-in-the-ointment complication that issue was if the car had been latterly sold on by a Tesla Approved Used outlet…!! 😲
    Surely, there must be some software 'flag' that could tell a prospective buyer whether or not a car has the free Supercharging option…? 🤔

  22. How many of these cars to do you come across/deal in? Do you source them on customer demand etc, also what price bracket are we talking about with a Model S you come across with free SC? It is just many questions I am having, like my other post on your buyers guide, I will soon be looking to buy a Tesla (waiting on my house sale to go through) as got a lockdown puppy and Tesla offer dog mode.

  23. Great video and thanks for explaining the end-of-2016 rule… but any tips on how to tell if a car actually DOES have the free supercharging, and it's not been stripped off it or not transferred in some way? For example, if I go on Autotrader right now there's a 2014 S85 for £29,895 with 143k miles on the clock and it says Free Supercharging…. how would I know for sure that if I bought it, it would transfer to me and there's not a pitfall? Thanks!

  24. Still confused as to whether a model S has free supercharging or not. Pre 2017 cars had it but might not depending upon xyz. All as clear as mud and easy to get duped as a buyer. Isn't there a way to check?

  25. As always first class reviw of 2 amazing cars really wanted a S but BMW gave us such a good deal on a new i3S when mentioned second hand Tesla S 😊 Still would like a Tesla S definitelytly a classic of the future 😀 price may go up?

  26. I have the tesla model s 85, economically its the best car ever… but some things bother me with this car, like the car quality is horrible (german car build in 1999 could be less worn than my car). And my horn stopped working, LTE works sometimes, three doorhandles dont come out when i push them and bad quality in tail light (water comes in).

  27. It's been nearly 10 years, and my early 2013 Model S 85 has over 160k miles and about 90% battery capacity… Powertrain still drives like new. Free Supercharging is nice, but we never use it. It's going to be replaced with a new Model X because I want my wife and kids to have AEB, lane-keep, and other active safety feature of the newer Autpilot-capable cars.

  28. Excellent video 🎈☝🏻❤️. Point missed… RJ14 car efficiency obviously seriously impacted by extra weight carried on frunk bonnet 👀🤣