1,000 HP BATTLE * SF90 vs MODEL X * World's Quickest Ferrari races the Tesla Model X Plaid

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Not all 1,000 HP cars are created equal, watch the 1,000 HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale take on the 1,020 HP Tesla Model X Plaid in a 1/4 Mile Drag Race



  1. I love these vids it’s crazy where the electric stuff is going these days you couldn’t imagine this a few years ago.

  2. Bragging rights go down as the battery level goes down. Let's see how many of these runs a Tesla can go before it needs a battery replacement lol. Surely not before it becomes carbon neutral.

  3. Doesn't matter what the straight line speed is. We get it. Electric is fast but at the end of the day it's still a poorly built Tesla and it's only a Tesla. Nothing exciting about them.

  4. I’m shocked by how fast that family car is ….. mental!! Imagine going as fast as one of the fastest super cars on earth in an up right family car

  5. Can someone explain how the second race went to the Tesla; It was slower AND it jumped.

  6. The SF90 Stradale is the best all around performance car out. It's fast in a roll, from a dig and one of the fastest on track. Impressive runs from the Plaid though.

  7. For an suv that is 2000 ponds heavier then the hypercar that cost and arm and a leg the tesla won hand down. end of story .

  8. Both cars are good choices. #1 the Ferrari has the steering feedback, track ability, excitement, the noise, the looks, the sense of occasion. #2 the Tesla has the sleeper ability , the practical, and the loss of occasion, no track ability, or driver feedback to enjoy. One car makes you feel alive and is not practical, the other car makes you feel numb, and is practical. I would choose the car that makes me feel alive, that is good at everything, the Ferrari.

  9. The fact that the tesla weighs nearly twice as much as the SF90 yet still managed to stay with it is amazing!

  10. If the nevera hasn’t convinced you give it a few years and ice won’t stand a chance against anything electric. The ice will be like a coal burning steam engine. Next gen batteries and electrical systems will make a nitromethane engine look slow. With funding now an electric dragster would put down 2s in the quarter if the rubber can keep up.

  11. Excellent!
    Please excuse my ignorance but the wheels of Ferrari change the appearance when speeding…is it because of gear changes? Or is it an optical illusion?