2012 VS 2021 Tesla Model S: How Much Has the Model S Improved Since 2012?

2012 VS 2021 Tesla Model S: How Much Has the Model S Improved Since 2012?
The Tesla Model S has seen manu changes throughout the years, but what exactly are the biggest changes that happened, we go through them year by year in this video, enjoy!

what is your favourite improvement of the Model S? Let me know below!

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  1. The interior from 2021 is totally different, have you looked at the Tesla booking page?

  2. Elon Musk opened a restaurant on Mars. Asks the first visitors:
    – Well, how do you like the institution?
    – You know, something lacks the atmosphere.

  3. I think removing the grill at the front was one of the best ideas, so much more aesthetic.

  4. RJ my dad I have it s a o m g When I grow up and can I buy a Tesla Model X and I want to work with Tesla I am a big fan of Tesla I was a video about the flying Namsos lemz thoroughly and so early this weekend