2022 Plaid Model X. Delivery Issues & Favorite Feature.

Our friend Greg got a new Plaid Model X. Such an amazing vehicle and after playing with it for a few minutes I found my new favorite feature of all new S & X; The tilting screen! We’ve installed these in our 3/Y from Abstract Ocean because they really allow for better viewing angles. Seeing the new motorized version for the new S/X is great! Unfortunately there were a few things upon delivery that will need to be followed up on.

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3/Y tilting screen install video:

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  1. Waited 474 days to take delivery which was flawless. Kinda annoying that Elon demo’ed tilting screen but mine doesn’t have it. Shouldn’t they fix that retroactively? Also we’re is back sear gaming? Where is Witcher? Where is Cyber Punk? Rolling updates is one thing, but items they touted at announcement then at the Plaid Launch should be included or added once parts are available!

  2. I just got my LRX. Red 5 seater Friday and traded my 18 75D . OMG worth the 16 month wait. The refresh is quieter, better quality,so much improved. 👍

  3. It's weird that the screen only gives you 3 set positions and won't let you set it to any intermediate posion you might want.

  4. My new Plaid X is my third X😵 (traded a P100D in). It is by far my fave. White ventilated seats (that work), phantom drain that is remarkably less, and a yoke that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with (makes the front window a cinema screen on the world). I miss my 7 seat configuration (went with 6 at no extra charge so that I could get it this year) and free Supercharging. Other than that, it’s ALL positives. A Faberge egg on steroids for sure. Let us know how the screen mod goes. I will certainly be interested! Thanks for the quality content.

  5. I cannot wait for your video for the swivel screen. Mine also doesn't swivel and that was a feature I wanted and remember when Tesla originally announced it would swivel before the interior refresh.

  6. 02:25 That's what she said 🙂 Our white MY has the mis-matched bumpers, not sure why it's so difficult, especially for their 'volume color'. Would be curious if this is an issue for German or China-built cars (or even GigaTX). Not sure how I feel about the screen – love it can be angled, but the noisy motor doesn't seem very subtle. If it can be set to automatically face the driver when there's just one butt in the front seats, that would be neat.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to you installing the motors on your S from Tesla. I would want to do the same on on S–Plaid.

    A closer match on the Bumper covers is certainly desirable. The bumper cover paint is needs to be more flexible than the body since the bumper expands and contracts in the heat and cold. The body paint chemistry may crack. Even on my Midnight Silver X, in certain lights the bumper doesn't have quite the same hue as the body albeit less noticeable than multicoat White. The massive bumper on the X really expands and contracts in the heat. Gaps actually change in extreme hot heat or direct sunlight that seem to diminish inside the garage/shade. As a prevention the bumper paint has more "flexibility components" to keep from cracking. I would imagine in white the compound that makes it flexible, also cause a slight color difference and hue depending on the light refraction. I've noticed the same on Lexus "pearl" white multicoat bumpers as well.

  8. I love Tesla and the Mission, that being said I feel the Tesla community needs to stop giving Tesla a pass for all there build quality issues. Seriously this is a 100k vehicle and the paint mismatches…vehicle gaps etc. The Tesla community needs to stand up and demand better product!

  9. 1:40 Easy and Cheap? I challenge you to have either facia removed damaged, paint new one and replace for less then $2,000. I really wish they could take a 5mph Honda bump without any damage.

  10. The X will be much easier for the dogs, but maybe you are getting more dogs, because I don’t think that you’re going to raise some human babies?

  11. I ordered mine Last May, and just got it this May. Several issues had to be fixed at Pickup, some Mobile service, and I have a Service Center opointment for about 4 more issues. Nothing to prevent the vehicle from being usable. I do have the screen tilt, and I love it. Angled to me feels so nice.

  12. If you here any news about Tesla offering a retrofit for existing refreshed MS’s, please add to a video. Awesome work as usual!

  13. Don’t be mad, I get my long range next Saturday and I ordered it 7 months ago. Excited