It’s Delivery Day Of My Tesla Model S Plaid!

Kyle, Alyssa, and Tijmen are in Loveland, CO where they are taking delivery of the new Out of Spec Tesla Model S Plaid! It’s no secret we’ve had great ownership experiences of multiple Tesla vehicles on our channels, and now it’s time for a new chapter. Welcome the newest member of the family for plenty of drag races, track tests, and road trips to come across all of the channels.

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  1. Congrats Kyle! I was excited for our Long Range Y showing up in the next month or so, but you had to show me up with a Rivian and a new Plaid 😆

  2. How is this Youtube channel bringing in enough cash to afford 2 almost 100k cars and a 50k audi e-tron in the span of like three weeks?!

  3. Tesla and stellantis should merge. Both make big, fast and heavy cars with indifferent build quality. I’m with Alyssa on this one: can’t imagine spending this much money with such crap quality (and the fact that many of these issues date back years makes it even worse). They truly have contempt for their customers

  4. The non chalant attitude tesla fanboys have towards imperfections on such an expensive piece of machinery……is sorta alarming…..

  5. I would agree FSD is not worth $12k. The only thing I wish I could have is auto lane change. I would pay a little extra for that alone.

  6. Drunk RRAD has bought me some nice purchases before but never a new car. Gonna have to talk to him.

  7. Is Alyssa and the driver siblings? Seems like they reverted back to their southern accent when Kyle wasn't around lol.

  8. Outstanding! That’s what your subscriber base wants. Now get busy on those road trips. 😁

  9. You lost me at removing the yoke. Haha. I love the yoke. You should try it for a while. It grows on you. Happy for you with the new plaid and rivian. Congrats!

  10. Didn't you just buy the rivian 🤣…
    Well I guess you wasn't impressed with it All you did was turn around and buy a Tesla.
    It's unbelievable how only in America you can fool somebody to spend a 140000 plus on an imperfect car

  11. The yoke is still the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in a car, it’s laughable how bad it is. The only thing worse is people convincing themselves that it’s better lol. Can’t wait to see it with a proper steering wheel

  12. I don't understand what's going on with Tesla wheel designs lately, the original designs were decent especially the grey turbines were some of the best looking wheels on any modern car……(IMO) but these new ones are just awful!

  13. That touchless wash uses recycled water. It's basically like spraying fine sand at your new car.

  14. 3:48 What's disgusting about the wheels? Looks like they're designed for aerodynamic efficiency…and maybe cooling.

  15. You going to run 🏃‍♂️ over some bicyclists 🚴‍♀️ with that thing bro 😎??
    Share the road and keep speeding to racetracks!

  16. We’ve watched you purchase like a quarter million dollars worth of cars in a few months. My god!

  17. I went to take delivery of a new Model S this week and I refused it for poor build quality. The bumper was missing clips and not attached properly and needed replacement. I had to point out all the flaws to have them addressed. The delivery folks hope you don’t notice or don’t care. I didn’t laugh off the flaws like Kyle.

  18. I actually like the Model S aero wheels. Not as much as the Model 3 aero wheels though

  19. Trashes the $100k+ Tesla while the sales person is present and then the rest of the video is complimenting the Rivian at $91k while accepting the shoddy build quality as normal in the Tesla. Hmm must be nice. I have to drive an old VW diesel just to be able to afford to drive to work. Jealous? Maybe a bit, but could you be any more nonchalant? Grats on $200k of cars in 10 days.