BREAKING: Tesla Price Increases! (How Much & Which Cars Affected?)

The latest price increases, we talk which cars went up in price and when you should expect prices to go back down!

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🖥Video Chapters🖥
0:00 – Intro
0:36 – No Warning!
1:11 – Price Increases The Latest
1:34 – Price Increase on Model 3
1:59 – Is the Model 3 Still Worth It?
2:58 – Model Price Increase
3:24 – Is the Model Y Still Worth It?
4:03 – Will Prices Fall again?
4:30 – Model S Price Increase
4:58 – Largest Price Increase!
5:14 – Thoughts On Price
5:41 – Savings on Gas Vs Charging
6:08 – Final Thoughts

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  1. This is an interesting move since the ID.4, F150 lightning, and toyota bz4x are all coming out… yes the tesla has more technology and range, but it will be price 10k more…

  2. At this Price Increase Rate every other month with Tesla. Soon no one will be able to afford one. Tesla is getting too greedy as they are in the lead now. Wait until others catch up. They will have no choice but to drop the prices. This is absolutely CRAZY. All the USED Tesla seller's are price gauging like MAD trying to rip off everyone!! Wait ago Tesla!!

  3. I don't take road trips so…
    LFP RWD 19” wheels charging at 100% daily = 267 miles
    NCA LR 19” wheels charging at 80% daily = 267 miles.
    So $11,000 more just for AWD speed (and floor mats, lol). Ouch! Going for RWD for sure! Easy decision.
    Thanks again for the video, you and Andy Slye are my favorite!

  4. from my perspective, until supply exceeds demand, prices will not come down. as long as there is enough demand, the laws of supply and demand apply, that is prices will continue to increase to what ever the market will bare, then stabilize as long as there is still enough demand, and decrease once supply exceeds demand.

  5. I want to get the standard model 3, how much should I save before financing it in your opinion.
    Monthly payment will be 600-700 a month?

  6. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t have bought the model Y I have at these prices. $14k more than I paid! Wow Wow