Testing The TDG Tesla Model S At The Track…

The Chronicles Vlog Series (Season 6 Episode 22)

It’s been hot as hell out here in Southern California lately so I was slightly reluctant when my friend Robert Chew invited me out to Buttonwillow Raceway. He wanted to take his Tesla Model S out on the track for a shakedown to get a feel for how the car would perform and coincidentally, our friend Amir was hosting a small track day in August. The whole concept of tracking a Model S is pretty strange, considering how the platform is not necessarily one of those cars you would want to build to be competitive but it is important to look to the future sometimes to see the potential of electric vehicles. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into other than getting the car prepped with the bare minimum of new tires, an alignment, and upgraded brake pads. What you’ll see is a daily-driven Tesla Model S P100D with KW Suspension, Volk TEs, and a full TDG carbon lip kit out on the track for the very first time. Amir pilots the Tesla and gives us some feedback as well as some info on the issues that he encountered. It’s definitely different considering the weight of the car, it’s electric motor, and how the car makes absolutely no noise. Check it out!

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Robert Chew (@chewbacca512)
Amir Bentatou (@RS Future )
TDG (@tdgrp)

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  1. Actually pretty disappointing. The turn in looked uncertain and lots of understeer. Maybe not so bad for 5000 pounds, but still not impressive. Electric really has a ways to go to provide a performance experience. Top speed and sustained high speed driving are not the strong suit of electric vehicles with single speed gearing. 2 laps on a cool day is super disappointing. If you are chased by a cop, after a couple of miles a Tesla will shut down. Not to mention the intrusive traction control. I think mindless drivers might not notice these shortcomings, but I am really surprised the limitations of electric cars with un-evolved chassis are not discussed more.

  2. The battery probably got too hot. Can hear the battery trying to cool. Once it's hot, it'll cut power. Looks freakin sick with the TEs and the kit though. Kinda Spoon style front lip!

  3. Sounds just like the issues Randy Pobst fought with traction control at Pike's Peak which ended up Crashing the car.

  4. that tesla is pretty with the TE's, lip and lowered 😍. prolly the first time I ever said that about a tesla 🤣