Tesla owner BLOWS UP his BRAND NEW Model S Car

A dissatisfied Tesla Model S owner in Finland blew up his car with dynamite since a fresh battery would cost $22,000.

There’s not much information about electric car battery replacement costs. Since most Tesla battery repairs were done under warranty, it’s hard to say. Model S and X powertrain warranties were initially 8 years/unlimited miles. Model S powertrain warranties have only recently been lifted, despite production commencing in 2012 and increasing in 2014. Tesla’s replacement battery packs cost $20,000 to $30,000. Tesla’s battery packs are expensive but long-lasting.

Even without degeneration, battery packs fail and are expensive to replace. According to Tesla, a battery replacement cost a client $22,500. There was no other option because it’s the car’s market value. The owner found a third-party repair business that was able to fix the battery pack for a fraction of the cost, despite the controversial modification. Tuomas Katainen, a 2013 Tesla Model S owner in Finland, had an out-of-warranty battery pack fail. Tesla asked for $22,000 USD to repair it.

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