Our Model S Plaid Race Car Dark Helmet is ready for Pikes Peak 2022

The first day of our week-long event at Pikes Peak is complete and we’re ready to put Dark Helmet to the test in practice tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update, great to have you back again. Last years two weeks of preparations was just insane, I wonder how much a year of improvements will bring. How about the weight reductions, did you manage to get it below 2 tons (4.400 pounds)?

    Our first born is being baptized in the morning on Saturday, looking forward to celebrate that with come good racing.

    Good luck guys!

  2. Cant wait to see the return of Dark Helmet! A shame they removed the custom driving sound 🙁

  3. From the looks of it, there is more room for gutting? So you need rear door handles?
    I'd love someone to show balls and may 10 or 20 similar cars, for a cup series.
    With 20 cars, it may be worth it to fabricate some hemp body panels or whatever the woke greenwashers like to see for lightweighting (don't even whisper the word carbon, they don't know it's hemp plant food). Good call on the wide body kit and tires, I bet with all that heft you need some rubber to keep it on rails.
    Curious what this now weighs vs the original!

  4. This is gonna be a MAD thrill! Still breaking into a cold sweat watching Randy's racing last year. Go go go!

  5. Wow… in a blink of an eye, it's happening again… I guess I'm another year older….

  6. I wonder have you replaced the glass roof with carbon fiber? Should lead to pretty big weight losses.

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  10. Good luck Team. Awesome.. Looks mint. Hope you absolutely break every record..!!!!!

  11. “LGR!” Excited to see you and Unplugged win again! Hard work, GOAT driver, top execution, GOAT Tesla Plaid.. great job Unplugged!

    Tesla, let them unplug the computer limits, and turn up the powertrain to the max.