Is my Gutted & Water Damaged Tesla Plaid Faster than a Stock Plaid? Huge Ceramic Brakes Installed!

In this video we find out if my my Gutted & Water Damaged Tesla Model S Plaid is faster than a brand new stock Tesla Model S Plaid and I replace my inferior stock brakes from some HUGE Ceramic Brakes!! Make sure you watch till the end because you’re not going to believe what happened!

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  1. Yeah the ending is one hell of a cliffhanger but I want you true fans and jump to conclusion internet fast tracker know it alls to know Unplugged Performance makes an amazing brake upgrade for this car. If you watch closely you will see one major thing I didnt do when installing the brakes. And that one simple thing almost took my life. Avi and unplugged have an amazing company and i want to repeat nothing from their product was the cause of the incident. It was still a Tesla issue in my opinion and Unplugged even warned me of this issue. Live on and do better is my motto this yr. But besides that the support from my family and friends that already know what happened, have been amazing and i could never have made it without your help and prayers. God Bless you guys!

  2. I don't think he flushed the old brake fluid. I see Motul 660 bottles on the table, but he only mentions bleeding. I suspect once he heated up those new brakes it boiled the fluid and caused pedal loss. Regardless, glad you're ok. Or at least ok enough for now…

  3. Geez man put a helmet on that Brain Bucket. Glad you’re okay. Well good luck getting it back into drag mode now lol.

  4. Yo Chet, see if you can get an ammeter (amperage meter) and clamp it around the 400V wires. Do some pulls, note the amperage down, and then do the same on the stock Plaid. Should show how many amps difference there is. EDIT: Well, should've watched till the end. Nevermind, lol

  5. Hope your doing well Chet and wish you a speedy recovery. Saw on Cleetus channel that you gave him your rooms on raceweek.

  6. Chet you are so underrated I love the channel to be honest it’s one of my main YouTube channels I watch. Just hang out with boring diesel Dave and them BOOM 100k subs on top of the ones you have over night lol HOLLY CRAP CHET I DIDNT SEE THE END IM PRAYING GOR YOU BUDDY PLEASE BE OK 😞

  7. The handle pivots on the old wrench so your force is on that pi oof pin to give you the correct ftlbs. If it didn’t an you choked up on handle the torc wouldn’t read right because it’s measuring the deflection not actually force.

  8. Damn. Heard Garret mention your wreck. Glad your still with us man and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  9. 10:43 did you forget to torque the calipers down and thread lock
    Just glad your alive and hope you make a speedy recovery

  10. Main problem is there ain’t no gas in it prolly.

    Prayers sent unc. Rest well and post the next video while everyone is still wondering what happened

  11. Damn Chet, hope you get better soon dude! Glad you are still with us brother. Would be a damn shame to lose one of the coolest dudes on the internet, and on the planet!

  12. Where are you getting “steel braided lines” from? None of those brake hoses were steel braided. I’m a big fan uncle Chet, have been following since you first emerged on Cleetus’s channel, but you lost me when you kept calling them steel braided.

  13. Glad you came out ok, like Matt from SXS Blog said “When you live close to the edge, it's easy to fall off.”

  14. And the toque wrench has that handle so the torque applied is at the correct distance from the head of the wrench. You're supposed to keep the handle centered and not rocked in either direction, floating while using it

  15. I'm one of those not shady mechanics lol, I don't wanna do more work than what I need to 😂

  16. Glad you are as tough as you are bro.

    I didnt see anything wrong with the install either. Something with the lines?

  17. Mabe the gutted plaid is faster with the stock tire setup. the stock plaid clearly has less traction issues.👍