Is the Tesla Model S Plaid+ the BEST Tesla in Greenville? | Greenville Roblox

The 2022 Celestial Type-5 Plaid+ (Tesla Model S) is a full-size fastback in Greenville. Loved and hated by many, it’s one of the most popular cars in Greenville. The owners are toxic and annoying, but should that deter you from buying one? Let’s find out!

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Acceleration
0:41 – Handling
0:50 – Maneuverability
0:58 – Braking
1:08 – Sounds & Lighting
1:33 – AEB Test: Rear
1:43 – AEB Test: Sideswipe
1:52 – AEB Test: Crossing Vehicle
2:03 – AEB Test: Pedestrian
2:16 – AEB Test: Crossing Pedestrian
2:25 – Overall AEB Score + AEB Test Dummy Shoutout
2:34 – End of Road Test
2:41 – FRIZZ Score
2:45 – Stats
2:54 – My Thoughts on the Plaid+
3:14 – Outro


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