5 Reason You’re Gonna Love Electric Pickup Trucks | In Depth

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  1. I'm actually glad you didn't go into the environmental reasons. A lot of truck drivers simply don't care and are openly antagonistic towards EVs because of it. Granted, most of the reasons also apply to most EVs. For EVs to win, they have to be the better choice in spite of the environmental impacts.

  2. Most of the 5 reasons are not just for EV Pickup trucks but for EV in general. Few other points you might want to add. 6. Longevity – EVs are designed to last a lot longer than ICE. Many Tesla for example, will last 500,000 miles+ without significant issues. I expect the same from the Rivian just because it doesn't have a lot of moving parts like other EV. 7. Resale value. In conjunction with #5, the trouble-free life duration expectancy and maintenance free-lower operating cost nature of EV brings resale value high. And it will get better in next decade while ICE car resale value will drastically degrades. 6. Safety & Handling. Low center of gravity of EVs (due to the battery weight at the bottom) produces very stable driving (especially off road or when haul heavy object), as well as during collision. EVs are literally the safest cars around.

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  4. Saving money at the pump but you’re spending at initial cost. Rivian is like 80gs. Tacoma is like 40. I think the ford lightning base model is definitely a game changer but these dealerships suck.

  5. Zac & Jesse: Will you be keeping all these trucks OR after 6 months, a year, etc… selling them?

  6. Don't forget, one of the advantages of one-pedal driving is faster reaction time to avoid an accident.
    Also, your calculations of life-time savings on fuel assumes the price of gas won't go any higher, which it will.

  7. Americans bitching about gas prices is always hilarious. Here in eastern Canada It's pretty much double.
    Our electricity is a quarter the price though, so it ends upto EVs being ten times cheaper than fossil cars to drive. 😅👍

  8. A couple of points that make this review misleading. To determine whether one saves money driving the EV vs ICE, one must know the cost of each for similarly equipped vehicles. I own a pick up to pull a boat or heavy utility trailer. How far can the EV go on a full charge while running the A/C compared to range of an ICE pickup running the A/C pulling the equivalent load? What is the equivalent mpg for each, running the A/C pulling the load? My understanding is that for best battery life, ideally the charge is kept between 20% and 80%. Usable range is therefor .6 x 300 miles or 240 miles.

    Charging from your solar panels is not free. There is a cost to install the panels plus batteries. Whatever tax credit or other subsidy one received for the installation of the panels must be added back to the installation cost to get a true economic cost of electricity from the panels. Similarly, the comparative cost of the vehicles should have the $7,500 federal tax subsidy and whatever state subsidy added back to get a true economic comparison.

  9. What you guys forgot to mention that happens quite a bit, and is a huge expense to replace is people stealing the Cadillac converters

  10. Master electrician Chargin for charities revenue donated to the ELON MUSK FOUNDATION

  11. You have done such an amazing job breaking this down in such detail. This provides clear and very accurate details on why EV's are better. I agree with everything said and will never own an ice vehicle again. I now own a Model X and a Taycan and I totally love them both. Also, so many people are concerned about range anxiety when it is really not an issue for most people. Love your channel.❤

  12. I have the chevy EV on order so am really looking forward to your review. If I could get on the list for an F150 I would order that too and take whichever one comes first.

  13. I don't know about your brake pad argument. My wife drives a minivan and has a heavy foot (both on the gas and brake). I replaced her brakes at 75k miles and the pads were only half worn. And how much did it cost me? $75. So saying "a lot of time and money" is being hyperbolic. You don't have to embellish EVs, just state the facts.