I was Almost Killed in my Tesla! Complete Brake Failure at 170mph!!!

I crashed my Tesla Model S Plaid after massive brake failure at 170mph!

Let me start off by saying Thank You to everyone who helped me on scene, in transport, at the hospital and to my loving family and friends who have wished me well and had me in their prayers. Although i walked away i did break a few things that kept me down for the last couple of weeks, But now I’m happy to say i’m back up getting around slowly. You live on and do better and I will explain everything in the next video when I give you a full break down of what exactly happened. In the mean time please do not jump to conclusions about this brake failure and blame Unplugged Performance That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thank you all again your kindness has kept my spirits high and will surely shorten my recovery! God Bless You All 🙏❤️🙏 – Uncle Chet

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  1. Unplugged Performance brakes were not the cause of this brake failure. It literally boils down to the stock tesla dot3 brake fluid. I will explain in depth next video. Tesla also likes to say this is a passenger sedan not meant for track use…it has and was in “Track Mode” if this car has no place on a track and is not to be pushed on a track then why have a track mode? A recall needs to be made now before more people get hurt and eventually killed by this under performing brake system and recall the inferior Dot3 fluid to be more specific. Remember, it failed on me before on my first track day but luckily i had plenty of run off unlike this time. 1000hp warrants 1000ph safety. No i did not have a helmet on and i will explain why in the next video as well. One last thing for thought…Take a 5lb helmet without full neck support and I would have broken my spine at approx 20g’s when my neck became the fulcrum point. Not saying I shouldnt have had a helmet on but if I did I know would never have walked away from this one. Again Thank You everyone your love and support has been humbling and I promise to do better and set a better safety standard in the future. GB

  2. You guys don't wear helmets on track? Weird. You should abandon regen braking so you have feedback on the status of the brakes.

  3. Just proof why Tesla will be the only car anyone would want to own. The other auto manufacturers can't complete.

  4. Man, I think the stripped car is a mistake. You're VERY lucky to be alive. You made a LOT of mistakes in this video. However- its unacceptable that even a stripped, lightened Tesla with stock power can't stop. They tout it with Nurburgring lap records, a track mode, the fastest accelerating street legal car on the market, etc, etc. This is unacceptable from this car…

  5. Glad your good but that’s all on you . Took that whole car apart and Just did a brake swap and go 170 right after all around the track . Don’t except insurance money on this one .

  6. Holy F That was intense I’m sure there was a valuable lesson learned in this incident

  7. Get well soon Chet. We need you around to keep us questioning the idiots out there! We all do foolish things from time-to-time, it was your turn. May be my turn next, although I just had one a few weeks back…

  8. Not sure a recall is in order when you changed the brakes, removed the airbags and gutted the car while wearing shorts, a tee shirt and no helmet. 1st time on your channel, but this really looked like amateur hour. My 278hp Tacoma will do 120 and would crash on the track if I overheated the brakes. 1000 hp demands respect, and no respect was given. Reminds me of the guy who jumped out of an airplane for views.

  9. Of course it’s not their fault, the was only one moron in this story and he was driving the car.

  10. Another tesla with a brake failure 🤣🤣🤣 these cars really are crap 💀 glad you’re okay though.

  11. You knew the risks. It's like playing hockey at the pro level, you know sooner or later you will get your teeth knocked out. Now, suck it up, get out there and lose an arm or leg. You know what they say, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  12. I laughed watching and listening to your dumb azz. Groaning and moaning after doing the dumbest ish in the world. You are so dumb the Lord wouldn't take you, and Devil couldn't use you.

  13. "Can you hold on, let me grab my drone before you flip the car back over. Don't worry about my ribs. Ok maybe 1 more take, this time a little slower, with the tie truck in frame."