2022 Tesla Model S Plaid // So Fast it HURTS!.. but is it a Luxury Sedan worth $150K??

Here’s the 2022 Tesla Model S PLAID! This 1,020 HP Tesla Model S is the world’s fastest sedan to 60mph, going in a blistering 2.0s flat. In addition, it offers luxury amenities, a crazy high-tech cabin and it’s been completely refreshed for 2022! So is this the $150,000 fast, luxury sedan for you?? Go ahead: CLICK to find out 🙂 Also, be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and tap the notification bell if you enjoyed this review — it helps us more than you can imagine!
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  1. Faster than a supercar with four doors.
    You can use more money to customize everything else.
    Its built out of the box plain so that the third party market can pick it up.

  2. That yoke is never not going to be stupid. They should at least give you the option of a normal steering wheel. Out of Spec has a guy that puts regular steering wheels in these.

  3. I think it's safe to say that if anybody has problems fainting real easy, I do not recommend accelerating while driving this car! 😄🤣

  4. Yes it's fast… but not worth the price. This is the price of a house or rental property. The cost of these evs are insane. Not paying this to just drive an iPad.

  5. Car ,Go Hard 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. Hey car confections I'm Jevouney but you can call me journey aka Jour i want a toyota corolla cross seven seater sedean with button start and all things you guys talk about on your youtube channel okay please and thank you. Although i can't drive as yet i want to finish my driving lesson before the six months is up so i can get my driver's license and start working and going to college overseas canada to be specific. Finaly i want to be a web desginer and a english professor and you both motivate me alot with the sedans you put so please tell me what of new web do you think i should desgin?

  7. The car looks extremely bland. Like it's headed to the paint shop . Don't like the steering wheel.

  8. The exterior design hasn’t changed much since it first came out. I’m ready for a full redesign. Even though some may think it’s aging well, it’s also getting very long in the tooth.

  9. I just can't justify the money for the speed which you hardly ever get to use IRL. And, I just HATE the brake light blinker combo thing on the back end. If Tesla can do amber on the X and Y why can't they do the same on the 3 and S?

  10. I said a long time ago you can always tell how fast a car accelerates by how much Mason giggles…I stand by my comment 😂

  11. Indeed guys, no need to reinvent the wheel. Impressive get up and go, but totally without drama, not my cup of tea.

  12. The Model S' design has age very well. I have to remind myself that this car has been around for a decade. It is truly remarkable how Tesla has the ability to keep updating it year after year.

    If brutal speed is your thing, this car will never disappoint. But for the price, Tesla still has some unacceptable build quality and fitment issues. Misaligned body panels, creaking dashboards, and peeling interior materials have all been reported on these cars. That is to say nothing of the explosion of luxury EVs from MB, BMW, and of course, Lucid, which may not all be as fast, but seem to have the expected luxury experience of owning a car like this.

    I also see that it still has some issues with NVH, mainly wimd and road noise. 56dB in this vs a full luxury V8 sedan like the S580 and BMW 750 seem to indicate that it still isn't as insulated as the best rides.