Light Harmonic Speakers for TESLA Model S – installation and Review

Light Harmonic Speakers for TESLA Model S – installation and Review
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  1. Thank you so much for this video!

    I have a 2016 Model S with UHFS. The bass is so lacking that I am evening questioning whether the stock subwoofer is disconnected or blown.

    In your opinion, would replacing the door speakers with Light Harmonic or upgrading the subwoofer with NVX be more impactful?

    Since I have UHFS with the additional amp, do you think the rear LH door speakers would be worth it?

  2. Super helpful to know that the stock amp just isn't giving much to the rear speakers. I installed 2 rears and was bummed good to know as I am going to try on the front

  3. Got a pair but just the naked speaker. Gonna use a extra pair to make brackets but glad I saw this and didn’t waste money on the other 2.

  4. Thanks, your guide was by far the best to walk me through installing these speakers. I got one in so far and it was fairly easy, the only hard part was prying the door, I kept feeling like I was going to break something. Starting from the bottom was definitely better than starting from the top when prying the door.

  5. Hi, how do you like the Tesla compared to the BMW 5 F10? I have a 535i 2011 and thinking to get a Tesla Model S. Thanks.