Big thanks to @EVS Motors for helping me out with this amazing transformation! I’ll get more in depth on the process in a later video as well! Details: @Inozetek x @Alex Choi Celestial Unicorn wrap • @Brixton Forged 22″ wheels • @Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp • Spectra Photosync IR film 360° • Ceramic coating exterior & interior

Call @EVS Motors at (888) 878-2213 for a quote on their full complement of auto customizations including Tint, Wraps, Wheels (including custom), ceramic coating & more. Ask for Cornelia!

🌿 things mentioned:
✕ ceramic coating (for leather/vegan leathers)
✕ 2019 Tesla model X stormtrooper transformation
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
✕ 2019 Tesla model X satin flip psychedelic transformation
✕ Tesla playlist

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  1. I cannot with this video! Good job, Kristina. The blazer, the matching bag, the heals. The boss-ass power coming from you! *chef’s kiss *

    I’m so excited for you! And what an incredible viewer experience.

  2. They really did a beautiful job. 😍 Love it! (and the music during the reveal was absolutely perfect)

  3. Omg 😍 I just love it 💕 I showed it to my husband and told him we should do that to our Tesla but he wasn’t sold on it haha 😂 Since he’s driving it half the time and pays half of it , he kind of have a say 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. I love it Kristina!!!! 💜💗💜💗it’s so cool 😎 I would stop and ask questions too haha 🙌🏻🤩 enjoy I’m good health!!

  5. This car is so uniquely Kristina. I would see it on the street and automatically think of you 😂 it’s beautiful and I’m loving the girl boss vibes btw 🤩🤩

  6. That's beautiful 😍 you have a great taste Kristina! I personally prefer the unicorn iridescent style of your first Tesla (falcore)?

  7. Ok this is fun and practical in easy to find your car when you park at any event or shopping place!

  8. I think that Thanos is an epic name for your new car! And I love the way that you had your new car customized! It turned out exquisitely. 💗

  9. Very surprised at the wrap. It's tacky and reminds of a kids souped up Toyota Camary. Take it off. It should be illegal to do that to a Tesla. The classy and elegant police should arrest whoever is responsible.

  10. My father always told me to never attract attention to wealth. It's especially dangerous with cars. You have young children in the house, and you drive into your driveway in that car. I worry about that. Not about the Tesla, about the color of the Tesla. You want people to notice you, which is your right, but the wrong people could notice you as well. Just my opinion.

  11. I don’t trust Tesla. Heard a lot of negative things about it. Been hearing lately that it breaks down without any warning. Can be very dangerous! Be careful.