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_________________A new concept render shows how Tesla may update the Model S sedan for a new era. The design, released by Istanbul-based artist Emre Husmen on Sunday, shows how Elon Musk’s company may update the 2012 vehicle with a newer design inspired by the upcoming Roadster sports car.

Husmen, who has worked for clients such as Ford and Fiat, tells Inverse the design was “completely my vision of the next generation,” inspired by the Roadster unveiled in November 2017 with a release date of 2020. The design focuses on aerodynamic efficiency for speed and energy efficiency, with a carbon fiber chassis and fastback body styling. A set of C-shaped front laser lights pair with C-shaped rear OLED lights that change color for turn signals and reverse gear. Model S is classed as a sedan, Husmen introduced a sportier design to reflect the fact that it performs faster than most Porsche 911s. Husmen produced the images for ElektroAutoMobil Magazine.

Husmen has opted to kit the Model S with a curved 19-inch OLED screen acting as the central dashboard, while retaining the instrument cluster screen. The design also adds customizable OLED screens on the steering wheel, so users can place shortcuts front and center. car also offers an intelligent tracking system to move between, front, rear and all-wheel-drive, while also bringing the level five autonomous technology expected to also roll out to Tesla cars manufactured after October 2016

The new Roadster, has a top speed over 250 mph, a 200 kilowatt-hour battery pack, and acceleration from 0-60 in 1.9 seconds — a figure that may prove slightly conservative, according to professional driver Emile Bouret that got a hands-on with the car. Unlike Husmen’s design, prototype models show the Roadster with an even more minimal design than the Model 3, with both cars dropping all other screens in favor of a single, giant screen on the dashboard.

With a 300-mile range and 45-minute QuickCharge and you can charge it from any outlet without ever stopping for gas. World’s first mass-produced electric vehicle offers performance efficiency and unrivaled utility with twice the energy-efficiency of hybrids, making Tesla Model S the only car you’ll ever need.

Tesla Model S powertrain includes a liquid-cooled 9-inch motor floor-mounted battery pack and a single-speed gearbox delivering effortless acceleration responsive handling and quiet simplicity . Tesla Model S costs as little as $4 to fully charge – You can have affordable fun while being socially responsible.

With CEO Elon Musk teasing the Roadster will come with a “SpaceX options package,” Tesla looks like it’s about to enter a new era with its electric cars.

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