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I LOVED THIS RACE! I just came back from a Tesla Owners Club Meetup in Upstate NY where we raced Teslas on an Autotrack. This was a closed course, with professional supervision, so do not try this on the streets.

It was super neat meeting fellow Tesla Owners, and other Car Owners as well, and putting pedal to metal to experience some serious horsepower.

Both Stephen (M-3 Owner) and Kerwin (M-S Owner) had some of the fastest track time that day, but did not end winning the event. Teslas are quick off the line, but what matters is having professional driving skills, not necessarily how much HorsePower you have. But never the less, it was an absolutely blast feeling the G forces driving in the Teslas.

The Owner of the Tesla Model S Plaid experienced brake failure on his third attempt, but thankfully managed to think quick and avoid a serious accident. Like he said, the brakes on a Model S Plaid are not adequete for racing events like this, as other Model S Plaid owners have experienced Brake Failure and have seriously gotten hurt. If you are planning to buy a Tesla Model S Plaid and want to race with it, consider getting the Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit.

Thanks to Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club for hosting this first ever Teslas vs Corvette Autotrack event.

Thanks for Watching, and Stay Adventurous

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