Installation and Setup of S3XY Buttons for the Refresh Model S and X

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  1. Great video Chris, we are happy your wife become more excited once she tried them. It's always like this when somebody actually tries the buttons. BTW, the phone is not needed for them to operate, it's required only to setup the functions in the beginning.

  2. These are cool. Have considered them. Will have another look again.

    Having seen Bjorne’s videos also. I have a question I’ve wondered about and not asked. How wise is it to use these as a back door, like Bjorn did to provide direct access to regen up/down. It’s managed by the system now with no customer access.

    Does it matter/bother Tesla’s management systems to have that setting overridden and not at the level the car would set or expect it to be. Not that the car wouldn’t know and be able to read the setting. Does it care/matter to system to change it?

    It determines regen level based off battery level and temp. (Assumption) So there is presumably some science to the levels it sets automatically.

  3. "S3XY BUTTONS" …. I think that was the gamertag of the kid who kept kicking my butt on Call of Duty last night.

  4. Do you know if you can use a button to send a FSD incident report to Tesla? It drives me crazy that I have to open the Controls menu to access that camera icon!

  5. I'm hoping that at some point, the S3XY buttons will be able to raise the suspension on the S/X. Have you heard anything? Are there batteries in the buttons that need to be changed?

  6. imagine having to buy buttons to open stuff that car should have natively. also that square steering wheel is a danger. its not meant to be used in that car. different rotation

  7. If you need the phone in the car for them to work, then the auto-pilot button would've have worked in the Y when she took it out. I would think the phone is only needed for configuration. I could be wrong though.

  8. Awesome!!! Future feature: support multiple presses for a single button!
    Single Press
    Double Press
    Triple Press
    Quadruple Press
    Single short single long press
    Single long single short press
    single long double short press
    Hell just build it so you can use Morse Code and now you have 36 different options from one button!!! Just learn Morse Code!

    OK that's a bit unlikely but I'd rather have 30 functions with one or two buttons rather than 30 buttons.

    I think I'd mount them behind my screen. I'd even like a set of 8 buttons in a single module that mounts behind the screen.

  9. I just use voice control, rather than hang add-on buttons on, for those simple tasks like Cabin Lights, glove compartment, etc. No problem getting really anything via Voice command.

  10. That's funny, Tesla decides to remove and reduce everything for simplification while customer's decide to add back on for simplification. Elon "The best part is no part", perhaps some concepts can be taken too far. Apparently, customer's actually (sometimes) know what they want.

  11. ppl always say uugh no HUD, no buttons.
    being able to add customized interfaces is soo much better than having ones decided for you.

  12. I saw someone "fix" their issues with the yoke. They put one button on the bottom center of the yoke for the horn. And two buttons behind the left and right of the yoke (like paddle shifters) for the left and right turn signals. Seemed nifty.

  13. Wait so if the buttons need the phone to be near by then how did the autopilot button of model y in the cup holder work when ur not in the car and ur wife was somewhere else? Like is it like u need to be in the same city limits?

  14. Here same asking to TESLA do Add to a right wheel button in S/X the ability to change follow distance ! Needed !

  15. For that price I'll just keep using voice controls . Best use of button I've seen is to activate FSD

  16. I really like the idea of these for a bunch of reasons I am concerned about Tesla‘s stance around the use of them and if there’s any warranty concerns

    Not so much wondering what peoples opinion is more white people’s actual experiences around Tesla and the use of these