BMW i8 vs Tesla Model S Which Electric Car is best || #technologyfullshow #technology

BMW i8 vs Tesla Model S Which Electric Car is best BMW i8 vs Tesla Technology’s Full Show

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Description :
Tesla really turned the game in favor of electric vehicles. It has been on the market for quite some time now. And one of its popular and successful products that you can buy right now is the Tesla Model S.

While the Model S has got its own pros and cons, it is the BMW i8 that has been a favorite of quite a few enthusiasts across the globe. It is a hybrid sports car which delivers what it promises, exhilarating performance. So which one is the better, the BMW i8 or the Tesla Model S? Let us find out.

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  1. So one's a 2 seater, much lighter, much more expensive and yet much slower car…and the other is a cheaper, 5 or 7 seater which is a lot heavier and yet still faster?

  2. Yeah it looked awfully difficult for you to enter the BMW i8….wow you were really struggling there…glad you made it. Far from easy to enter? WTF?

  3. i would pick the model s over the i8 easily, model s is just as fast as the i8 and it doesn't cheat by using an gas engine and model s is cheaper and the charging stations are free so technically the i8 is just another Prius thats got more horse power.

  4. No chance I'd go for the Tesla over the BMW, I'd never go for an all electric car.

  5. The new Tesla Model S P85D is 691hp and gets 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. It seems to annihilate the BMW i8 except on looks.

  6. seriously dude, the i8 at $140k is not a bargain. The Tesla model S with Ludicrous mode at $130k is.

  7. The reality is it shows you can make a cool looking hybrid. Considering what a BMW 2002 looks like in the 1970's, and what a Prius or Leaf looks like. It's a massive improvement.

  8. BMW makes some fine motorcars and the i8 looks great. But if I had $90,000 to drop on any car, I'd get a Tesla – every time.

  9. The i8's electric range is very laughable. I would expect more from BMW especially at that price point. Are they too stupid to realize that the Model S kicks it's ass in every category?

  10. Triumph motorcycles were always praised for their 3 cylinder engine sound, so car guys will now get to appreciate that sound also. And that is a good thing

  11. Thanks for the review of the i8. Was that a Model S next to it? I couldn't tell from this review video of the i8.

  12. Who else was waiting for the race. Or was he afraid the Tesla model s would yet again have to dust a hybrid.

  13. In terms of low noise, comfort, stability in the corners, comfort, image, space inside for legs Tesla is a S class and 7 series competitor, I agree.

  14. Say what you want about hybrids or electrics but that i8 interior at night was fucking great.

  15. I love BMW and I love the design of this car, but it has an engine? WTF? I would rather buy this full Electric.

  16. As cool as the i8 is, the all-electric range is what kills it for me. Saving up for a P85D now.

  17. That report on this BMW sounded like something a used car salesman would say to get you to buy it. The BMW sounds like it has something bigger in the engine but they are just speakers inside the car making the sounds. It's not comfortable to get into but you will make it look good doing it though (just don't let them hear you grunting). The shorter range on electric mode is terribly sad. Even those doors are annoying. You'd have to park you car in the far back empty section of a parking lot so you can avoid hitting other cars when TRYING to get in and out. If they were Lamborghini style doors or just regular car doors, then there wouldn't be a problem. Same goes for the Mercedes McClaren models. Gull wing doors are a terrible idea for any car. Period. I'll take the Tesla and not pay for gas. I can deal with a silent engine, zero maintenance fees/oil changes, extra space over a car that only goes a few miles on EV mode and goes back to gas guzzler mode. Hell, even the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is better than that i8.

  18. I was excited about the i8 until the consumer report's review. I am back to corvette being top on my list. The i8 looks great but I am not excited about fake engine noise from a 3cyl .