FSD Beta 10.69.2 -First Impressions

Our first impressions of Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.69.2! Has it regressed, stayed the same or gotten better?

Car: Model S
Trim: Plaid
Hardware: 3.0
MCU: 3.0
Full Self-Driving: Enabled
FSD Beta:


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  1. Thank you for your service & patience with the tool. #Understanding πŸ’―πŸ’―

    I enjoy the videos, sir.🀝🀝

    Keep them coming.☺️☺️


  2. Here in the UK, I bought FSD over 3 years ago. Wasnt cheap. Have done 75k miles in the car now. Still we dont have any FSD and seems like no real prospect of it coming to the UK any time soon. Disappointing- especially to see the strides forward its making in the US.

    Im interested to know – when you’re driving the car and not making videos, do you use FSD? Always? If so or if not Id be interested to know why. I generally use autopilot on long highway drives – but sometimes find it a bit too annoying. So realistically only use it on 60-75% of long drives on the Highway. But our highways are probably smaller, more curved and very busy

  3. Great commentary and observations! I have yet to purchase FSD, but am watching many videos of the progress. Your comment near the end of the video makes me ponder why the millions-of-miles-tested algorithm is deciding that it is okay to go "very fast here… a little too fast for my taste" in an obviously not okay location (park, 10 mph, construction cones nearby, etc.)? To reply to your question above, I would agree that the value of an FSD system might be regarded based on the seriousness of its errors, especially the ones involving the most basic of situations like the one you experienced: you had to disengage while in a slow zone! But, like you said after clunking over the deep pot hole, "Baby steps." πŸ™‚

  4. This release is extremely dangerous! I have 100k miles in FSD and this is tge worst retrograde I've seen in over 4 years. While it has some impressive smoothness improvements it has some deadly bad habits. It is not ready for wide release and I fear some bad things are going to happen. My 2022 Plaid X abruptly left in front of three oncoming cars coming at 55mph! I caught it before it crossed the centerline but the oncoming cars freaked out and slammed on their brakes barley avoiding a massive crash. My 2021 Y is no better. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  5. Just got 10.69.2 this morning. Had a couple of interventions, which was disappointing, but it got a lot more right than wrong, this time. I'm posting a video of my impressions this evening. Had a real-world experience with a pedestrian standing out in the road while filming it. It was a workman directing traffic for a lane closure. I had no idea how my car was going to react as he waved me on to go ahead. It was interesting. Thanks for your great videos.

  6. Whenever you are using fsd beta putting a "Self driving Test vehicle" sign on your car is a good idea.

  7. Elon musk want to approve fsd this year and release it . That's why extra safe with pedestrian.
    That's the plan to make it safer more safer around humans.

  8. Got my update overnight once I finally gave up hope of getting it before the weekend was over. Happens every time. I'm already trained to be skeptical of elon timeline but sucks every time to be anticipating the next update for 1-2 weeks just for it to get pushed back. I liked getting emails from FSD beta team when an update was going to be pushed. I could trust their timeline.

  9. I wish I were having the same great experience as others here, but mine has lost previous abilities driving in my neighborhood and had several disengagements in suburb driving. Went straight at a curb/island in my neighborhood. Didn’t attempt to avoid it at all. Tried to switch lanes when there was no lane to move into. Fingers crossed, but I’m definitely not feeling as positive as others here.

  10. Did my first drive to and from work with a stop in between on software 10.69.2 and holy crap this is great!! Much needed improvements on the lane adjustments. Good Job Tesla!.

  11. Mine tried to pull into a car 5 seconds after I activated it. To be fair it did that when I first got it too. Hopefully it smooths out.

  12. do yall think number of fsd beta testers is coordinated and dictated by nhtsa or is it pure elon and tesla decision?

  13. how about a realistic video game for non tesla owners .."?" (would love to be able to play and or test/teach the car: yes, I don't have a tesla :-b )

  14. Always make sure to hit report when you encounter deer. I'm sure the developers will appreciate all data they can get on that.

  15. Got my update from 10.12 to 10.69 this morning and my first 2 drives were amazing. Literally the best it’s ever done since I got it back in June! I am in shock. I had so many trouble spots on 10.12 and now 10.69 is sailing through with ease!!! I’m so happy!

  16. Got my update from 10.12 to 10.69 this morning and my first 2 drives were amazing. Literally the best it’s ever done since I got it back in June! I am in shock. I had so many trouble spots on 10.12 and now 10.69 is sailing through with ease!!! I’m so happy!

  17. i got a Cybertruck reservation, debating to add FSD, but its ALOT of money 8-10k. IMO unless its a real viable product (not eternally in beta) it might be worth it.