The Model 3 Goes Into Service, We Found My Model S Plaid, & Local EA Station Upgrade Progress

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  1. Wow 2 weeks with only five cars. What will you do? The horror! Lol. I can’t imagine owning an EV and not having a level 2 charger at home? I’m ordering a Tesla next week and calling the electrician next.

  2. Tesla “the best service is no service”

    Consumer “but what happens when the cars need fixes”

    Tesla “we told you they didn’t”

  3. You can turn the seats on without going into climate. You just drag the little icon down into the main channel bar

  4. Not sure how you can be impressed with Tesla repair process at this stage when you don’t seem to have a single POC and you’ve not been told the plan, other than a new timeframe that you guessed at….

  5. Kyle after this one is fixed start complaining about the other broken ones. Two a week ought to be good. Maybe start with the only EA In Pensacola Florida. It’s been completely offline since a lightning strike in early July.

  6. EA just finished the installation of new dispensers down in Edgewater. Like you guessed, there’s one older, two cable cabinet with a Chademo head.

  7. Kyle, my dude, you are sometimes way too amped up over some Alyssa stuff. Slow down my man. It's gonna be ok.

  8. Alyssa and Kyle if you don’t use electric america. Chademo is still being installed as a dual ccs chademo stations. Ev go as part of the gm charging installs has just put in 4 locations in Columbus Ohio with 100 kw chademo and 350 kw ccs also a Tesla cable. Chargepoint with the cp 250 has chademo and ccs . If you do videos be accurate and don’t tell people it is going away when only Ea is doing that she’ll recharge also has chademo. Alyssa I looked at plug share and ev go has a unit in Loveland that have chademo that leaf drivers can use.

  9. Why does Tesla now charge $100 to move or cancel service appointments? Maybe because people keep being 17 minutes late and still thinking a video is more important than keeping the service center on time.

  10. There's four stations to replace but only three new dispensers I think I saw somewhere where they might be leaving the CHAdeMO. Maybe that's why there's only three new ones…
    edit… I watched a little further and you said the same thing 🤣

  11. I live in Loveland and I'm watching the houses going by in the window thinking "Turn left Kyle, turn left!" I would think by now the route from Tesla to Starbucks to EA would be burned in your brain 🙂 Good stuff, always enjoy your videos.