Brand New Tesla Model S Paint Correction! Here's How I Fixed All Of The Crazy Imperfections

Coleton has @Kyle Conner’s Tesla Model S Plaid in for the first video on Out of Spec Detailing! We never intended for this video to go live, more of a trial, but we loved it so much we decided to share it with you. In the future, expect better audio and video but for now take a look at how Kyle’s Tesla Model S Plaid was fully detailed, corrected, and protected.

For more information on having your car detailed check out or email me at [email protected]

0:00 – Hello & Welcome!
1:21 – Initial Glance
4:46 – Pad / Compound Selection
8:32 – Paint Correction Process
17:04 – Martian Wheel Protection
27:05 – Ceramic Coating
33:36 – Kyle’s Reaction / Finished Product

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  1. Congrats, Coleton on launching this channel with us! Can’t wait to bring nerd level 9000 content surrounding proper car care.

  2. Love that you've launched this channel.
    I can't help looking at the Plaid and thinking of Jordan's little 'adventure' just weeks later…

  3. Amazing transformation. It looks like you can dip your hands in the black paint! Question: Can I buy an Out Of Spec detailing hat?
    Excellent work!

  4. This channel is going to send me right down the detailing rabbit hole and I’m ready for it. Congrats Coleton and look forward to the content!

  5. Please include links to products you use in the description! Happy to use an Amazon referral link if it makes it easy to get the best stuff.