Self-Parking cars Tesla v Audi v Ford v BMW – test and comparison – are they any good?

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Hi everyone welcome!

So I happened to have a handful of cars with “self-parking” capability so we rigged up some tests to see just how good these systems are.

Tesla Model S and 3 including AP1 v AP2
Audi E-tron GT
Ford Mustang Mach-E
BMW i4 M50

Parallel and perpendicular parking tested.

Autopilot 1 is better than AP with Enhanced AP/Full Self Driving

It’s one test where Tesla certainly don’t win!!

Hope you enjoy the video.


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  1. Older tesla and non-tesla cars have ultrasonic proximity sensors that's why. Newer tesla dumped all sensors except for camera, and camera is very bad at evaluating centimeter-precision distances up close. That said, sonic sensors are doing great job but they are "stupid" and for example they will not notice telegraph pole if it goes between sensors in a dead zone. But camera has potential identifying that. So in a long run camera is the proper choice because that's how human see the road and sensors, while doing perfect job on this video, eventually will be phased out and camera algorithms will catch up and will get better than sensors.

  2. The Audi, BMW, Mustang did a good job, I wonder if my neighbors Buick can do that!? I like when the cars straitened their wheels at the end and equal distance front and back from other cars. Here in Canada we park our cars in the same direction, if you park your car in the opposite direction you would get a hefty fine. I'm impressed, automatic parking has really been improved I see, even in tight spaces well maybe except for Tesla

    Great video!

  3. if teslas auto park feature is anything to go off, its not exactly confidence inspiring when it comes to their AUTO drive feature. jesus

  4. Come on yoh ! That Tesla is an Old Model , look at the front Oval Grill , 1st Gen Tesla. How can you compare Old and New. When that Tesla was produced None of those Cars Existed.

  5. i own the mustang mach e and have always been scared to even test this feature but this video has actually given me confidence to try it now… unlike that tesla where i laughed more than i should have at its attempts

  6. I think the Tesla is far better since it's avoiding parking above that underground drainage system besides it to ensure maximum safety,,, it maybe the best btw.

  7. Wow, Tesla really should concentrate on the parallel parking algorithm,
    This sure should be quite embarrassing for Tesla!

  8. This tesla looks like a grandma's vehicle. You can feel money at BMW and Audi. The Ford also looks good externally and internally.