Here’s The Luxury EV SUV You should Buy! Tesla Model X vs BMW iX vs Audi e-tron

Kyle takes you on a tour of three of the most popular electric luxury SUVs! He takes you on a tour of each car and then goes for a drive in each as he shares his thoughts on which to purchase.

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  1. I cross shopped all those cars back in February and fell in love with the BMW iX. Ordered a fully loaded iX 50 with a build date for a 2023 model year next month.
    Me and my wife already have 2 Chevy Bolts for daily commute, and this will be a 3rd Car for long trips. We are paying cash for it because debt is dumb (where have I heard that before? LOL).

  2. I see what you did there…got the beaver front of the IX 50 facing away😂. Despite all the flack this car receives for its design I absolutely love mine.

  3. Etron is expensive, terribly inefficient, very small inside (it’s like a $85k Q5), slow, charged slow. It just sucks.

  4. my issue with the iX is that i'd rather just get an X5 and save some money for a better looking car with the same comfort. With the Model X it is one of the very few EVs with a usable third row.

  5. So, oddly enough, the M60 SHOULD have that floaty feel. The one I bought actually did have that feel for the first couple of weeks I owned it. But I've been working with my dealership on sorting out why the ride isn't as smooth, because it was before. It feels connected to driver profile, and they've escalated it with BMW North America and Germany — their xDrive 50 here at the dealership is having a similar issue with the ride quality. But yeah, the M60 should have a better drive quality than it sounds like some people are having unless BMW has made a change to it in the past couple of weeks. They did a reset at the dealership recently in the first batch of troubleshooting and I got that really nice floaty feel back, but after I added my profile it went away and got rougher. It is a very different feel when it is absorbing those bumps — it was on par or better than the eTron I test drove. Hoping that the dealer and I can get this sorted out — they're definitely doing everything they can to help out here. Also, as a larger guy, the iX has much more comfortable seats without firm bolstering on the bottom of the seat. Much more comfortable than the eTron as the bottom of the seat really dug into my legs and hurt after a few minutes of driving. But that's an edge case.

    But yeah, the range on it is absolutely absurd. I have the 21 inch with Aero wheels, all black without the bronze trim, and it looks amazing. And the grill does work with the all black.

  6. Teslaflex guy has a lot of good stuff to say. But ALL shorts! Not worth the look. He has important stuff to say, but he is muzzled like an ox. It's a shame an d a waste of fantastic talent.

  7. How does the Etron compare to the iX and X? Etron is more the size of Y, ev6, etc and way less range. It is very comfortable and quiet, but not really the same as the other 2. I get it was available since you own it.
    PS So over the iX grill debate.

  8. I think I would lean E-tron. The BM is plain ugly. Model X is cool but I’ve heard way too many horror stories from Tesla owners. I do wish Audi had better range…

  9. Thanks for the content. FYI, when viewing this in 4k (2160p60) the upper 2/3 of the frame seems a bit washed out (like there is a film on the lens or perhaps you are having a really bad air quality day in CO)

  10. The IX is ugly inside and out. The software is crap. The X and etron are best. Tesla wins on charging network but I would grab either of the two that is cheapest.

  11. So you’d buy the bmw ix with the flawed head rest thing instead of the x to test the flawed ccs charging network? Tesla has a ccs adapter you can test though doesn’t it? Any reason that wouldn’t work?

  12. Great video, made absolutely clear that iX must be avoided at all costs.