F-150 Lightning vs. Rivian R1T – Electric Pickup Truck Features

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  1. A comparison between vehicles is only relevant if viewed from the perspective of a certain type of buyer. So it would be great to see some reviews from the perspective of a tradesperson, recreation (fisherman, dirt bike rider), overlander and people that tow a lot. It would also be great if after the last episode, you could include a wrap up of some of the online review forums comments regarding any issues affecting these vehicles.

  2. one of the things you left out comfort of ride— sorry im sure that the ford has this beat as well , because im sure it has a longer wheel base

  3. Pretty biased review toward the Ford but it was cool to get to see the truck.

    People looking for a real review of the Rivian should look for some more genuine content. If you just want to be a Ford fanboy, you're in the right place.

  4. I am not a truck guy and would never buy any truck.
    But how could spare tire be tie when one had a spare tier and the other don't?🤔

  5. Be good to know how long those outlets will provide power for both individually and as group at the same time. Would not be good to drain power and wait age's for recharge.

  6. Oh! Early on, when I watched you open the frunks to compare them, I wanted to yell at you to watch out for the sharp corners on the grill portion of the Ford’s frunk hood. You know people are going to bang their heads on them, given how low they are, and there are inevitably going to be some scalp lacerations, given how sharp those corners are. Yikes! You would think that Ford would at least round those corners.

  7. You forgot cost of the two. Lightning is half the cost of the R1T. Then the Lightning can also do reverse charging, the R1T can't.

  8. I'm not sure about that first comparison… consider that the lightning actually has a bumper you can stand on to get in and out…

  9. I feel like if you don’t have the tunnel kitchen, you’re not giving this a fair comparison.😂 can’t cook on a Fords hardware!

  10. What about the PRICE ? Basically the Ford only looses on the sound system. The least significant item for a Pick Up Truck. Oh, and what about range and towing ? So far it looks like Ford finaly woke up and used their decades of pickup know how to make an effective EV truck. Price: Rivian is $ 67 K to $ 85 K. Ford is $ 47K to 75 K. Looks like at $ 20,000 to $ 10,000 dollar savings with the Ford. I'd say Rivian is in BIG trouble here.

  11. I have orders for both and have driven both, here are my thoughts: The Rivian is a smaller truck, so it won’t have as much room, but is much more maneuverable. I could get it in my garage, while the Lightning couldn’t because of the angle. The Rivian’s interior is much nicer, it may not have as many outlets but the materials and infotainment system are light years ahead of Ford. There is more room in the passenger seat due to the lack of a glove box, which I’m not sure I like but I understand why they chose that path. The ac in both are great, and I love having the controls in the screen as it makes it easier to switch between drivers. I prefer the roof of the R1T because it’s more futuristic being one panel, and while it doesn’t open, it’s really cool to look at one sheet of glass as the ceiling. The R1T and Lightning aren’t much alike, and while they’re designed for different buyers, they are both amazing trucks.