Tesla Model S or Porsche Taycan?


  1. I have 5 Tesla Model S’s and 0 Taycans so you know my answer. I do want to get a Taycan one day but I’m waiting for a refresh that has a bigger screen, better software and autopilot.

  2. I hate having a down spec version of whatever I buy. So I can buy two Tesla Plaids for the price of one Taycan Turbo S. Oh and btw, the Plaid is faster and more practical. It’s really a no brainer unless money is literally no object, in which case I buy both.

  3. The Porsche👌🏾. You get better styling, better handling and a more luxurious interior. Additionally, you get a Tesla battery in the Taycan, so we don’t even need to delve too far into a powertrain and battery competitive analysis.

  4. Do you mean model s plaid? Big difference but if so I'd go with the plaid for utilization! It gets more miles per charge and is faster. TayTay for cool factor.

  5. well 1 you have to compare the plaid to the taycan and im going with a plaid 200% of the time. plaids tech way better and the car faster.

  6. Plaid! The performance and intrigue is far beyond what the taycan can offer for a lot less money than a mid range taycan.

    Both are great but profit margins and marketability are strongly in the tesla’s favor.

    Mine was just returned from it’s first rental and the family that had it were just astounded by how amazing the car is.