FSD Beta – First Impressions

Check out our first impressions of Tesla’s FSD Beta Is it more of the same or has it gotten better?

0:00 Intro
3:24 Test Path 1
10:27 Test Path 2
23:00 FSD Score Card (Final Thoughts)

Car: Model S
Trim: Plaid
Hardware: 3.0
MCU: 3.0
Full Self-Driving: Enabled
FSD Beta:


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  1. hey dude, don't apologize… Model S plaid is fricking expensive compared to Y and 3, its a fact, it's your car take care of it….

  2. If you use the scroll and scroll fast it’ll move from 25 to 30 automatically, save you the headache of doing it 1 by 1

  3. Great video. Love the ratings – awesome idea. Random thought, but would you consider using a school-type grading system? That would be easier (at least, for me) to remember from one video to the next… and the concept further reinforces the notion of Tesla being a "student", learning to drive. You could provide a rating out of 100% for each of your categories along with a letter grade, i.e. A = 90-100%… B= 80-89%… etc.. The letter grades are super easy to remember, and the % give you fine-grain control over your ratings, which may be useful to help show improvement as advances become more and more incremental at those higher A/B levels of performance. Just a thought. Either way, your ratings are a genius idea.

  4. 8:47 i think it was a reasonable decision to cross the road, that would be a hard break from 24 mph to 0. kind of unsafe, hard to judge.

  5. 3:29 – FSD Engaged
    3:39 – Right turn 01
    4:18 – Right turn 02
    4:44 – Avoiding VRU
    5:15 – Left turn 01 (UPL)
    8:22 – Running a yellow/red light
    9:33 – Stopping for couple of sec on train tracks
    9:47 – Right turn 03
    10:35 – Right turn 04
    11:32 – Getting into left turn 02
    12:34 – Left turn 02
    13:30 – Right turn 05
    13:42 – Attempting right turn 06, ignoring cones
    14:58 – Right turn 06
    16:25 – Left turn 03
    18:03 – Right turn 07
    19:02 – Cornering very slow
    20:15 – Not reading speed limit < 25mph
    21:56 – Performing well despite blinding sun
    22:45 – Closing remarks & rating

  6. I’ve been disappointed with these last two recent versions. It’s having issues with things that seemed solve a while ago. I’ve had some really serious issues with these two releases. Fingers crossed for the next one. Good job on your videos btw.

  7. @13:40 looks like a pretty thrifty application of cones for a road detour. It looked as if the car could squeeze between the outer cone and curb.

  8. If I owned a S or X I wouldn't go on half the roads I take here in the Smokies. We've taken our 3 on FSD drives down gravel roads with ruts and pot holes. 69 just drove us from way off map, with no connectivity, to home with only a few gas pedal interventions and turn signal suggestions. It's getting really good! Love your videos!

  9. Agree Tesla needs to dedicate more attention to the East Coast. Thanks for your work. I recognize your route. Maybe I’ll see you driving by sometime.

  10. Great video man, I like the scoring you did at the end. Make that a thing from now on when new updates release. Keep it up!

  11. The path planner looked like it was going to try to go around the cones at 13:43. I think FSD's ability to avoid obstacles is far above NOA right now.

  12. Great content. Less stressful than your NYC video to watch. Mine just downloaded this afternoon. I haven't used it yet. Two observations from your video, one: it seems more hesitant than normal, and two: If I keep watching your videos, I will soon have your route memorized!

  13. Report report report. Otherwise grid vid my brotha. Can’t wait for them to finally give me beta back on my Plaid after having it for 4 months now. I got a 97 in L.A.