Tesla Increases Supercharging Rates Significantly & More Updates!

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Tesla Increases Supercharging Rates Significantly & More Updates!

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Tesla significantly increases Supercharger prices across Europe


  1. As BEV's become more popular electricity pricing will gradually increase. I expect the same type of increasing that Europe is seeing here in NA. I wonder if current electricity pricing here in the US is regulated by the Feds? If so, and considering the current administration's BEV push, they will prevent companies from increasing pricing (drastically) till their BEV units sold milestones are met.

  2. Why Tesla increasing its price on the popular models and not on the expensive models? Most people are middle class who can afford the less expensive model. People will not afford to purchase the Tesla ev because they are using raw material and other issues as a excuse to increase price on it EV. People should not buy anymore Tesla until the price drop.