Man happily owns Tesla Model S for 9 years then complains when this happens:


  1. You guy are expecting to go full electric by 2035 but we’re already having blackout with the little electricity we use now

  2. Doesn't explain why the car dies 9 yrs old and yet we still have model TS driving around so yes we have went to disposable society. Out of warranty doesn't mean the car should die and cost more then a new vehicle would. That is why this guy is upset not because something broke and needs to be fixed but because he is realizing we are just generating more waste.

  3. Was going to type out a really long comment on how dumb this video is, but I’m going to save my time and just hit “Don’t Recommend me this channel”

  4. I drive a 2000 GMC Sonoma, a vehicle should last more than nine years without having to drop 20k on it.

  5. Yeah, this guy is just looking for sympathy from the public. Maybe he will start a go fund me to buy that new plaid that caught his eye… this guy is a perfect example of who should not own a Tesla….