Twin Tesla Experiences…

Should you buy a Tesla in 2022? Should you buy the Tesla Model 3 or the S Plaid edition? How quiet is a Tesla while driving 88 mph down the Intersate 15 in Utah? These questions and more are answered in the video of helping my friend @The Global G’s pick up not only one Tesla, but two…

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  1. It's around 8.5 U.S. dollars per gallon here in the UK at the moment. Incredibly though it will soon be more expensive to charge an electric vehicle than fill a petrol vehicle!

  2. Great video of the process of picking up.
    I agree Tesla should not “charge” you to charge the first time.

  3. Thanks for coming along and giving a great review of the Tesla delivery experience. I knew I could only trust the best tech reviewer around to make this entertaining video. Great editing! 😊