Tesla & Stock Market Rally on Fed Clarity

➤ Stock markets rise as Federal Reserve raises interest rates
➤ Fed Chairman Jerome Powell comments on policy, economic outlook
➤ Tesla appears to add new feature to refreshed Model S and Model X
➤ Automakers report US sales declines in April
➤ Lucid earnings upcoming

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives


  1. personaly i find the screen swiveling a bit gimmicky, but i get having it toward you might reduce glare and such. But i m really keen on the power frunk showed there that haven't been talk about.

    i would say, that the swivel option is something of late, we would expect manufacturers to remove not add, citing "shortage of microcontroller" so it goes to show how tesla is maneuvering in a different plane as everyone else

  2. Watching the markets advance yesterday after the FED announcement was like seeing a ball roll off a table and having it fall UP. It is RIGGED. Stock Market Tradecraft is the only book I have ever read that explains what is happening. WAKE-U

  3. I love waking up to these thumbnails and pumping my fist to tesla's rally up >5% only to check the market today and see it down > 7%

  4. The economy should not be manipulated, the Federal Reserve is a private, non-government, organization and should be eliminated. Let true free market reign.

  5. The Fed is So behind the Curve it's not funny. The market reaction is typical of a manipulated System.

  6. Did you see the flying tesla in Kongsberg, Norway?
    Driver wasen't paying attention, hit a roundabout and sent his car flying.

  7. The thing that can save the economy long term is to get rid of dependency on fossil fuel.

  8. The "biggest raise in 2 decades", doesn't even take us back to the 2019 level.

  9. So the market partied when Jpow says I don’t think we’ll have to get overly aggressive but maybe we will. Didn’t he say that same thing a year ago?

  10. liked the "famously imprecise tools of the fed" comment bcuz its so true. they don't want average people understanding how the central bank works

  11. Just heard german news that Tesla is purchasing extra land next to the current factory. Apparently for storage and transit purposes. 👍

  12. FOMC has a YT channel where they live stream those meetings (with the ability to go back as well) if you don't want to have screenshots with the CNBC logo on 😉

  13. The swivelling Model S screen mount hardware was also featured in Munroe Lives breakdown of the model S – but as I recall it without motors installed. Guessing a supply chain issue might have delayed the actual feature.
    Thanks for all you great work, Rob!

  14. Jerome: We're not raising 75 basis points
    Market: silence
    Jerome: We're not even considering 75 basis points
    Market: wolf of wall street cheering

  15. I personally called Larry Li on the phone & he only installed the Auto Frunk, swivel screen is from Tesla & not aftermarket

  16. Rob, there was one number on the breakdown of April sales numbers that jumped out at me. That was the Genesis sales up 53%. That is worth noting.
    Hyundai and Kia are making strong efforts in electrifying their offerings. They would do well to put maximum effort into a couple of Genesis EV models.

  17. What will play out 2022 and even more 2023 is that people in general will have less money to buy cars and other expensive items. Sales have to drop due to interest rates, energi costs and the cost of food, these costs will be prioritized. How much it will effect Tesla sales is yet too early to say but the roof is surely getting closer and at the same time production volumes with all ramping up world wide will possibly overflow the demand for even Tesla that is still increasing prices and competition in this segment is getting tighter even if Tesla still is the best value for money.