NEW Tesla for Mothers Day! New Tesla Model X PLAID

Woah a BRAND new TESLA?? Yup, that’s right, we got ourselves a new Tesla Model X Plaid to celebrate the expected new edition to our family!
Having a new baby means changes and having a 3 row car was a change that we really needed. Our new baby will ride in luxury in this amazing car!
#tesla #mothersday #modelxplaid

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  1. Man, I’m over here glad I got my little Mazda 3 paid off, rent has gone up 25% in just 6 months, a new car isn’t even on my radar right now xd

  2. Well now, THAT is a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Love the colour, but that steering "wheel"…I agree that it will take some getting used to…it looks very "race car", but then, it is the "Plaid" version, after all…😁
    Happy Mother's Day Michelle. You are richly blessed by your family and friends, and the new little one coming along will only increase the blessings.

  3. Next vid, Jesse and Jayden take the car, drive to Knoxville Tennessee but the car gets crushed and they run out of money and they can’t get home so Jesse has to work as a courier in Hong Kong.

    This may be the plot to a Simpsons episode 😄

  4. Well first off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, Michelle! Enjoy those gluten-free cookies.
    —- All I can say about the Tesla X is WOW! From the "wing" rear doors to the "aircraft" steering wheel, it's something else, indeed. I hope I get a chance to see it at some point!
    (But I'll bet it didn't come with a spider, like the old one.) 😊
    —- A couple of questions: It it self-driving? And how is the transmission shifted?
    —- Was surprised to learn it had a third seat row. I was unaware of that.
    (And cooled seats. Wow, again!)
    —- Charlie looked like he approved but Jeremy seemed a bit underwhelmed! 😄
    —- Congratulations on the new car. (Will the twins get the old one?) 😊😊

  5. New Tesla! She’s pretty. Now put the car seat and the boys in the back. Oh no, glad it wasn’t yours hit. Can’t wait to see the gender reveal.

  6. Wow so amazing, I love Tesla’s so much. (Will never be able to afford one, but I can look).

  7. Oh and can’t wait to meet your new neighbors from California! 😁❤️ 😉

  8. Sweet ride! Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to meet the soon to be newest member of the family!

  9. Sooo nice!! I LOVE the color!! Not sure how I feel about the steering wheel.. would take some getting used to for sure!