2022 Model X Driving Characteristics

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“Jenny” is a Tesla Long Range. She is a five seat configuration with twenty inch wheels. She has a white exterior and a black interior. I did not order FSD but I may consider trying the subscription.

Today we cover the driving characteristics of my Model X Refresh.
We cover the Regen, the Auto Pilot, the Air Suspension, the Seat Comfort, The Windshield and the Instant Toque!

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  1. Thanks for the amazing information .You are definitely a natural. I hope you reach a 100 thousand viewers..
    I believe I will also set my sights on the Model X.

  2. depending on your state of charge (SoC), the regen braking will change from normal to low. It happens when you're either too full (no regen needed) or way too low, like 1-10%

  3. Still waiting for mine. Ordered it last August. I’m still so excited to get it. Live in Quincy Ma too.

  4. Interested in neck support and comfort of drivers seat. How does the pillow fit over the integrated seat? My understanding is that Tesla X seats have integrated, I.e. continuous and not adjustable, head rests. I am 5’4”, of of millions for whom one size does not fit all. Enjoy your videos .

  5. Great presentation! I hope to follow your journey from Ford Explorer to Model X. I’ve been a happy Explorer owner since 1992, and I consider the MX a worthy replacement since they have similar dimensions. I look forward to your future reviews of the MX!

  6. Hi there another great video …how are you finding the windscreen with regards sunlight and glare …it appears that on previous models owner of MX's would advise tinting ? Keep up the good work

  7. I loved your video! I just took delivery of my Model X in San Francisco Bay Area one week ago—Blue Thunder. I love it to pieces. Best luck with your channel……your content is music to my heart.

  8. Can you tell me if you need to tint the glass celling inside the model X because of glaring sunlight in your eyes while driving?