Was Buying A Brand New Tesla Model X A Huge Mistake? 6-Month Ownership Update!

( ) After trading up from a Tesla Model 3, we’ve had six months to come to terms with owning a brand new, $86,000 Tesla Model X. Has it been a great buy, or something you should avoid? Here’s what you need to know after six months of ownership.

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  1. Man for the price that they’re asking for these cars they have to come out from factory spotless better than Benz

  2. You can't say build quality you have to say finishing and alignment issues bcs how else with model x get 5 stars?

  3. 13:45 advise so let the driver get the car out of the garage and then other get into the car so the falcon doors open wide open!

  4. guys, the model x is a midsize, not a crossover – that’s the model y. also, the model y comes with 7 seats two f or more 💴
    lemme explain it to you in size order (smallest to biggest):
    model s: sports car, starts at 69,420. electric range: 387 to 520 miles. hp (horse power): 670 to 1,020. 0-60: un.
    model 3: sedan (car), starts at 38,990. electric range: 263 to 353 miles. hp: 252. 0-60: 4.2
    model y: crossover (half sedan, half suv), starts at 39,990. electric range: 244 to 326 miles. hp: 384. 0-60: 4.4
    model x: suv (midsize), starts at 79,990. electric range: 340 to 371 miles. hp: 670 to 1,020. 0-60: 3.8

  5. I guess that after they release the Cybertruck, they should change the Model X to Cyber SUV (updating the outside accordingly to make it more appealing), since it is the least popular Tesla.

  6. You said it right: Tesla is a technology company (I would even say software company), not a car manufacturer. What they don't figured out yet is built quality and service. That's what established car manufacturers learned through the years, but they struggle with software – they still use "old-fashion" controllers for every single tsk, while Tesla uses only a few, who can work together. VW has currently a problem to set this mess up on their ID.3s. For my taste: I prefer a decent made car over a software device on wheels – I don't need all this stuff and I'm in my late 20's. For daily driving the current solutions are good enough.

  7. The for the price you pay the quality issues are simply unacceptable but it don't matter to it's customer base because it's a Tesla and they serve a higher power
    If you bought a Mercedes which is in the price range it's trying to compete with and it has these issues it would be industry news but not with Tesla because reasons, having a CEO who is famous to the point of worship by his fans and the company itself having 1st generation fans is why Tesla is still around

  8. I've had mine since June 2019, its the Raven Model X. It's the most uncomfortable car I have ever owned. My 2016 BMW 535 was 10 times better, my 2015 Ford F350 is better and my wife's company car which is an equinox is better. The seats are awful, I have tried everything and its the worst seat of any car I have had, I've been driving for almost 40 years. It's so bad I am selling it and going to try the Model Y. Besides the seats being crap, the car is amazing. I love everything about it. My dash rattles a tiny bit when I'm doing 50 to 65, my wing doors look the same as yours, uneven and the front trunk sucks to shut. Everything else is amazing.

  9. I'm too old for this technology. Give me a 47 Packard any day. I will still be way cool

  10. I never liked panoramic moonroofs. This (likely hugely expensive) windshield is a big negative in my opinion.

  11. With the price of gas being so low I find it hard to justify electric vehicles. Way more time spent charging than filling and the range anxiety thing is permanent

  12. Actually how often do people look at the range on their ice car range. It drops in the winter too. Maybe not as much as an electric car but. If you are driving 50 miles a day you never will care.

  13. I useto like this channel and watch it every day but now it’s garb. Unsubscribed… I guess every channel looses it’s cool . Oh well .

  14. Pretty good for a "junior manufacturer" and considering its pretty much a reinvention of the car… 🙂

  15. 87k to take the kids to school…lol you could move closer to a school for less …

  16. My understanding is the electric engine interferes with AM radio so that's why there is no option for it

  17. A very interesting video and take on the new technology. I enjoy seeing the new stuff, just not sure I'm ready to give it a try. I still don't understand all the "charging stuff", so for now will be happy consuming dinosaur blood.

  18. On any other brand, even entry level vehicles, these problems would simply be unacceptable and crush sales. If it weren't for the environmental considerations and performance why would you buy Tesla. Certainly not for quality or a luxury car interior.

  19. No mention of the whole point of you guys trading the 3 for the X to make it a overlander, that completely failed.

  20. Disappointed with your review. You keep saying that you are independent. But you have not mentioned half the core issues you have had with the car. Towing, off road performance, range…. Then you talk about cost of recharging. You go to a supercharger and have breakfast or lunch or dinner… What would cost more? A tank of fuel or a meal?

  21. its still a bullshit car give me a dam break.. its a waste of money.. i do lot of driving i like to gas and go… theres nothing appealing about that large driving battery with 4 doors… when it gets in the minus temperatures for 4 days straight and still have a full battery life then talk.. 2ndly you technically dont own the car Tesla has total control over what you can do to that trash can… dee nyc gtfoh ✌😡 and if your wondering what i drive its my 2 well put together trouble free cars.. Nissan maxima platinum edition and acura tl 3.7 awd 2012 supercharged

  22. There is not even one ice car that has fuels consumption same as advertised and officially measured. Guess why

  23. There is a whole bunch of very well qualified and experienced ex Holden engineers and techs in Australia, looking for jobs. Musk should hire the lot of them and buy the old Holden test track here and get them working on the quality issues and reducing the cost of making the cars, but at the same time engineering the car better. Tesla are brilliant at the battery tech and very innovative in design, but they are clearly playing catchup on how to mass produce cars well with consistent quality. The Holden guys would fix that weakness in the Tesla product range and put them at the top of the game for far less then anyone else could. They were doing it for years for GM and had what was considered the best built cars GM made anywhere.

  24. All this "cool" electric this and electric that, in 5-6 years all the internal electric motors start breaking, the ones for the door handles to the window regulators to the electric air suspension. I smile when people say electric vehicles are more reliable, they have no idea in 5-6 years the repair bills they will face with everything else in the car.