Tesla Model X Dual Motor AWD – 4×4 test on rollers

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4×4 test on rollers:
Tesla Model X Long Range Dual Motor AWD

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  1. SLIP START: To allow the wheels to slip at a limited speed, you can enable Slip Start.
    Under normal conditions, Slip Start should not be enabled. Enable it only in circumstances where you deliberately want the wheels to slip, such as:

    – Starting on a loose self-care, such as gravel or snow

    – Driving in deep snow, sand or mud

    – Rocking out of a hole or deep rut.

  2. I'd love to see rollers tests for the new AWD EVs of traditional auto manufacturers: Ioniq5, id4/Enyaq/q4.

  3. Still not as good as a locking differential. I’m sure the software can be tweaked though.

  4. Assuming clearance doesn't matter and tires and equal, which do you take to a snowy mountain – Subaru or Tesla?