Here's How Well My Tesla Model X Has Held Up With 100,000 Miles!

Kyle meets up with Maryann from @Our Tesla Model X Journey to talk about how her 2017 Tesla Model X 100D has held up as it nears 100,000 miles on the clock!

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  1. Wow! Still looks so pristine and desirable. Whoever is keeping that car clean is a real keeper and their spouse is a lucky dog!

  2. Maryann and her husband Don are really nice people……would love to see of them on this channel.

  3. Does that car have a vagina? If not it's an it, not a she. Also, naming cars like pets or children is infantile, and a sad submission to the marketeers' manipulation of their customers. Please grow up.

  4. My wife and I have a 2018 Model X and Model 2020 Y Performance. The white seats have held up well. We had a full battery replacement at 16K mile and now have about 27K miles. So far the range is still at 98%. My Model Y has 35K on it and has already lost about 9%. 90% charge is only 232 miles. Quite disappointed in the loss of range. My original Tesla is a Model S which I handed down to my son and he has 170K on it now and still has about 90% battery. So, battery degradation on the Model Y at 35K is about the same as the Model S at 170K…

  5. Is there data on whether battery degradation occurs on a gradual, linear curve, more or less, or does it occur gradually only to a certain point before dropping more precipitously?

  6. I have 2016 Model X with 70k. Poor build quality, noisy cabin with harsh ride plus Terrible service. With every other manufacturers catching up, I will not buy Tesla.

  7. Hey Kyle, I have a small turo buisness in Cary, NC. All comprised of primarly electric cars, my 2021 tesla model Y is currnetly at 75k miles and at this rate will hit 100k by the end of the year if your in town would love for you to do one of these videos on my Model Y. I have an Ioniq 5, Model 3 SR, Model Y LR, Model S Plaid, Ford Bronco and previously had a Mach-e gt performance and Model Y SR. Anytime you are in NC you are more then welcome to review or use my vehicles,

  8. Those wonderful folks are a technological geniuses, very knowledgeable. Thank you Maryann.

  9. I live in Orlando Florida and I still never seen a supercharger anywhere I have no idea where they are?? 🤔?? And this is Orlando Florida where the number one tourist destination I live 10 minutes from Disney still haven't seen a charging station anywhere around here??? I mean I don't own a Tesla or anything like that but you would think they'll be charging a stations somewhere around here especially around the Disney area. But nope my whole life living here haven't seen that one?

  10. They're clearly very dedicated. A lot of videos for a disproportionally small number of subscribers.
    Hopefully it'll pick up for them.

  11. Good review. I really like this channel. The nice lady was going waaaay too fast on that residential street and rolling stop signs isn't cool.
    Glad to see the car has been good. I had a chance to take a trip in my buddy's 2019 Model X and it was nice. The only things that were unacceptable were the wind and tire noise on the highway-just incredibly loud.It was much louder than my base model 2016 Jetta. I've heard they improved the noise level on new model Xs
    The noise and vibration from the heater while we were stationary at a charging station was also very high-so much so I asked him if there was something wrong, btu he said it was how there were under those conditions.

  12. I am sorry but my eyes are always locked on the etron everytime it is in the background. Just an amazing car

  13. We have a 150,000 mile early-2013 Model S and it's holding up well coming up on 10 years, but it will be replaced with the new Model X whenever Tesla can deliver it, so I'm very happy to see these long-time owner updates!

  14. i'll be at 100k soon on my model 3. these cars are so cheap to drive it makes you want to go everywhere in them

  15. Great series like the ID4 one. I recommend them to people who are not sure about EVs.

  16. Someone that names their cars definitely takes extra extra care of their car.

  17. How many set of tires and brake pads you had been replaced since day one? 100,000 miles is very good with that good condition.

  18. You didn’t ask if In 100k she has had any mechanical issues . How many times have you took it into the dealer which is the reason I just watched the whole video

  19. I mean I'm no math wizard but ~1,700 days and 100,000 miles would mean 58 miles a day on average. Owner: "it's rare for her not to go a 100 miles a day". Also, Autailors does not sell mats for the Model X so even if she could do it all over again she couldn't get those mats.

  20. I prefer the vertical screens to the horizontal ones, I like the way its more integrated into the dash versus the kind of slapped on ipad look of the horizontal screens.

  21. they have aftermarket self presenting doors on 3/Y for under 4k just wish it would come to MS tho

  22. Thanks Kyle, nice to see this example of higher mileage early Tesla model X review. Although the model X is out of our price range, kind of wished I would have put a reservation on a Model Y Long Range last year when it was $14,000.00 CAD less expensive than it is now. Unfortunately my Ionic 5 AWD Long Range Preferred Ultimate trim has been pushed from May delivery to October, darn had I known that I would have taken my EV6 AWD Long range GT line pk2 back in mid April when it came in, but I like the Ionic for the space and light interior happy place. The EV6 in Canada has only black as the lone interior option.

  23. Could you spell the name of the mats again …. it didn’t come thru clearly in the video

  24. Kudos to Maryann's husband, Don, who keeps Ruby looking in showroom condition all of the time. And both Maryann and Don are great ambassadors in the Tesla community. It was nice to see Kyle and Alyssa connect with some old friends. Great video!

  25. Your videos are a little long and long winded. But, you do have some of the best content so I have to give it to you.

  26. Considering how expensive Teslas are, having a model x and y, you must have A LOT of $ to afford that. For a normal earning worker all EVs are not affordable!!!! If Musk would be such a concerned person for the future of the world, why not selling your cars for less so John Doe can afford them, too??????