Is Model X is the Most Expensive Tesla 1080p | Technology's Full Show

Is Model X is the Most Expensive Tesla 1080p | Technology’s Full Show

“Technology’ Full Show”
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  1. Not in a norther winter climate, the doors get iced up and won’t close properly, and battery charge gets reduced significantly.

  2. Sounds like this SUV is for those who just want to own a Tesla in addition to having other cars in their garage. 170 miles after a 3 hour charge? No thanks

  3. It might be the quickest, safest, quietest SUV with more features than any other SUV but it has no 2jz.

  4. very well explained about why electric is a better luxury choice… I have a hard time getting people to understand all of that until they just drive it. keep it up!

  5. I dont actually think he's trying to claim it's the best. Its kind of like the videos "5 reasons not to buy a manual" and "5 reasons to buy a manual". Maybe the title should have been "5 reasons the model x is a great luxury SUV" Then all these butthurts claiming its not as nice as a 300k+ Rolls would stfu. But then again, that title isnt as catchy. Gotta get them clicks!

  6. it too loud in there for it to be luxury and off road racing has soft suspension for light cars

  7. Great argument. I also would get a RAV4 for the occasional trip to Yosemite. You simply won't find many people driving to Vegas in one.

  8. Hey BOSS (Engineering Explained), what are you thoughts on reliability on this Teslas? THANKS👊🏼

  9. if youre an actual luxury buyer you dont care about stock options, you're sending this thing to your mate's garage to get outfitted in blue whale leather with gold stitching regardless

  10. but above all, the luxury of not having to deal with all the crap inherent to ICE cars should be more than enough by itself

  11. The biggest problem with the model X is it delayed the 3. Imagine if the 3 came out in 2016-17 and the Y was here in 2019.

  12. I'll level with you: I didn't win the model s from the last contest. But I've got a really good feeling about this one. So feel free to donate, but I've definitely got this model x in the bag.

  13. Donated! Glad to help a good cause and hopefully I'll win a Tesla! Keep up the great videos!!!

  14. I literally just bought this car. Same wheels, Carbon Fibre trim (yaay!) and P100D with Ludicris. Should receive it Tuesday or Wednesday. So much excitement! WOOOO

  15. Those rear doors are likely to become a repair nightmare after(or even before) warranty expires

  16. If all that tremendous engineering effort that goes into improving dead-end internal combustion engines were directed at electric, we would've already had flying cars.

  17. Maybe talk about the Maxwell supercapacitor in the upcoming Tesla roadster, and how the supercapacitor can be used as buffer in future episode?

  18. Model X doesn't even look like an SUV. I would prefer something muscular. Or an SUV version of the Cybertruck.

  19. Wow, a blast from the past. I don’t know if I’ve even heard the word FORTRAN since I was in college. I won’t say how long ago that was. 🙂

  20. Rather than focusing on the Model X in particular, I think it's more about why electric vehicles are the best luxury vehicles – the huge positives of their refinement, relaxed high-torque performance, and packaging advantages make for a superior "luxury" experience. The current downsides of electric – primarily the additional weight – are far less of an issue in the segment (and in fact as pointed out the weight helps refinement). I've long been a believer that the properties of electric vehicles are suited extremely well to luxury vehicles for those reasons, additionally factors like range / recharge times, and additional purchase costs become less important due to the likely use case and buyer profile.

  21. You dont make any comparison to other cars. Have you even driven any other luxury SUVs? The Model X ist objectively great in these 5 areas as you pointed out, but how does it compare? What other points are there to win? Just by winning 5 points doesnt make any car "the best" in a class, its just not as simple as that. Anything else in this video i agree with.