My 85 Year Old Dad Drove My Model X with a Yoke Steering Wheel // Father's Day Episode

While showing the family my 2022 Model X Refresh… My dad jumped right into the driver seat and asked “how do you drive?”… not “can I drive?”… Well… I had no choice in the matter! Of course he gets to drive… he’s my dad! But… he hadn’t driven in 5 months and this was the first time behind all that torque that electric vehicles are known for… and in this case, 0-60 in 3.8 seconds!

He did great! Was in awe at how it drove. And was astonished by the car’s entertainment system (ability to play games and watch movies in surround sound, with all 22 speakers).

Note, the cameras were very buggy that day because we had just come back from the Model X’s kryptonite (a super charger). For whatever reason, every time we supercharge the Model X, it freezes up and you have to restart at least 3x for it to work normal again.