2022 Tesla Model X Round Steering Wheel Kit. No more Yoke!

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  1. Also, I purchased this steering wheel with my own cash and I reached out to the company. Typically, I stick to solar, but this yoke steering wheel is just so awful that I had to find a solution. If you can find a better one, let me know below!

    In other news, SOK server rack batteries are actually in stock at their warehouse (current connected). Check them out here:

  2. Tesla likes to behave like Apple. How long did Apple persist with removing ports, magsafe and crappy keyboard in their Macbooks before coming to their senses! Hopefully Tesla will give customers a choice on steering wheel type.

  3. Yoke style steering wheels work great in a vehicle where there's a half turn lock to lock. I've used them in marine and off-road applications. On a highway vehicle they are indeed pretty lame and potentially dangerous. Fanboys are going to fan.

  4. i completely agree Will,a car is not a plane 🙂 a yoke steering wheel in a car is a dangerous thing when driving,and certainly when parking

  5. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 It's incredible that Tesla doesn't give the customer the choice of steering wheel type.
    Don't you need a steering wheel puller, or is that not needed? What about the airbag? Isn't that difficult to swap? And do you need to pull a fuse or disconnect some power cables?

  6. Credit due sir 👍🏻
    Finally someone has sense.
    That yoke steering wheel is absolutely horrendous.

  7. No. Ppl that buy a cybertruck will 99% not go offroading. Grocery shopping and maybe the odd trailer tow. Thats it

  8. Try using the yoke in Sweden when you need to drive in roundabouts all day and are forced to use your turn signals when you are about to exit out of it with your wheel half way turned…

  9. Well done WILL, I was going to order a new one but the waiting list is years away here in UK so will stay with my 2 year old one for now.

  10. Yeah the idea of yoke in a truck is the stupidest/dumbest idea ever, how are people going to very precisely place their wheels off the roads!?

  11. For yoke steering wheel, adjustment should be made so maximum yoke turning is 90 degrees. At higher speed, more force needs to be applied so no accidental turnings.

  12. Trash cars. You want a bunch of electronics? I get it. But they're not good cars. I need less bells and whistles. Not a bunch of crap to fail. Cars are for A to B. Once the oil industry is crashed and everyone is forced into controllable electric vehicles, it won't be long before a social credit score is created. Low score that electric prison won't let you drive.

  13. I think that a true yoke steering system is great but, you don't put a yoke on a wheeled 360 degree system, period! What is wrong with you, Elon Musk?

  14. my buddy has it and he dont like it also lol..he got use to it but still hates it …i think its a hazard thing if you need to avoid something on the road or correct yourself avoid a crash ect… you need to be able to have a handle at the wheel quick at all times and this will make you miss the wheel since its not a 360 wheel …not a fan of it..

  15. There's nothing wrong with yoke.
    Most performance racing cars have them. The problem is you bought a car from a delusional egomaniac who isn't actually an engineer. Just plays one on T.V. .

    Try another company. Electric, of course. But not tainted by Musk oil.

  16. Back when nightrider show had a yoke steering wheel they said it was illegal for on road driving. Least that's what I heard back then.

  17. Imagine being all hyped for a regular (round) steering wheel , Tesla can be stellarly dumb…

  18. wonder how meny time's I can say one word in a YouTube video is beyond a yoke 🤣

  19. Once they come out with factory round wheel I will update my S to new one. I can’t stand that yoke. On other hand my friend wants to update his round wheel to yoke. Go figure

  20. EXACTLY WHAT I VE BEEN SAYING!!! Nobody is going to Baja a cybertruck with a yoke wheel!!! I cant believe its not even centered LMAO! Absolutely terrible.

  21. 3:35 Ha! Fat chance of avoiding that. Elon says the joke, I mean yoke, is better, so that's what the Teslarati will swear by.

    Nice little wheel though! Too bad it still retains the force touch buttons, but it looks a zillion times more usable overall.

  22. I didn't even consider the X because of that steering design. Now Tesla is not hurting for orders so outrage will fall on deaf ears. So with this find Will, I now will consider the X. Tesla could choose to allow an "upgrade" option for $1K (would be a rip off lol) to put a round steering wheel on it from the Y. I think it shows an insensitivity for their customers that anything monetary. It isn't like 25 people who strongly don't like the yoke.
    The stock price is down, their deliveries are down, and there is a flood of other cars arriving now as choices. Nothing really competes with the Plaid, but for the long range there are cars that are quieter, more comfortable and most still can have "styling issues" to compete with teslas styling issues. The strongest competitor today is the BMW iX i50 and the coming M60. But I would rather have a Buick – uhm, I mean tesla than any other car this year 🙂 You're too young to know what I'm saying lol.
    Love you Will, good and straight to the point video – thumbs up 👍👍👍

  23. It would be much better if you never had to rotate it more than 180 degrees, like in F1. So to compensate for too sensitive steering, it would have to be a steer-by-wire system, where computer decides how much steering angle is given.

  24. Hey Will maybe they are trying to copy an aircraft cockpit… not that the yoke is the best for controlling an airplane… all high performance aircraft used control sticks. Odd how that is.