The single reason why the Model X is the BEST Tesla

The Tesla Model X has one feature that sets it apart from every other Tesla and every other car.


  1. On top of that, you can get the plaid, and it's quicker than almost any supercar. Yes, you heard that right. A family SUV quicker than a supercar that's designed for racing that costs 2 to 5+ times what the Tesla costs, and what's even more ridiculous is that the Tesla is like 10 times more efficient making it significantly cheaper to run. It's literally the deal of the century for what it offers.

  2. They just need to produce more and deliver them. Ordered last October and still months away from delivery.

  3. One should have more compelling reasons than an automated door control with a key fob, for preferring the Model X over the S.
    It is a bigger and heavier vehicle. The Model S has better range and efficiency, and is significantly less expensive to buy and drive.
    Model S = $109.5K or $140.5K
    Model X = $126.5K or $144.5K

  4. For the longest time ever I thought the model X had a retractable spoiler because its uncanny how it looks like that. But I've never seen an X with the spoiler down and it took someone to tell me that no, the spoiler wasn't infact retractable!

  5. I think that the Model Y looks like a blown out Model3, but now that the Model S and the Model X have a fantastic new instrument panel with integrated dashboard vents and ventilated seats, I would spend the extra money. The original price before all of this inflation, it was a complete bargain!
    The Y has a terrible back window, you can barely see out I want more than a camera view. Red is my color, but interior is a private matter.

  6. Can you do a vid on how close you can park to the wall of your garage and how much space you need above from the actual garage door opener? Oh I agree 100%…. Sooo much money though!

  7. For those who has the money to afford it. And when you can easily afford it, I don’t think you care too much about most things in life already anyway.

  8. I agree. My 1st preorder was for the Cybertruck. We already own the model Y since July last year. But do to Elon postponig Production of the Cybertruck I decided to go all in and get the Model X Plaid. I am so happy with my decision.

  9. I will have not to think about it, because I would never be able to afford any. But I think you have got the ultimate sample. Bless you! §:o)

  10. You know that I agree. The Best Tesla by far! It's just a step below my old Chevy Bolt but it's my favorite TESLA for sure!

  11. The power front doors are my favorite feature after all these years and the self presenting with brake to close. I added power frunk and now all openings are controlled with my fob