Taking My 2022 Tesla Model X to Get Windows Tinted Dark!

Today I will be taking my 2022 Tesla Model X Long Range to get the windows tinted. I ended up picking 15% Kavaca IR Ceramic Tint on the rear window, on the rear side windows and front side windows. Hoping to help you pick what darkness is right for you

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  1. I got a place here in LA, been going there with every car for 20 years, my dad who introduced me had been going for 20 years before that.. They give zero return customer discount or anything, but at the same time, it’s perfect 3M window tint. I’ve never had any issues with this place, they always make it perfect the first time. Back in the day they charged $150 per sedan. Now they start at $500🤢😪

  2. Now that you have been driving it for a while, what is your average wh/km over the last 50km? I assume that would be a mix of highway and city driving. Also curious about the average wh/km over the last 50km when driving on highway 2 going 120km/h.

  3. bro…did you make your non- MXP a fake Plaid??? whats up with the carbon fiber trim and badge???? you completely glossed over the fact that you did that IN this video……….

  4. That one touch thing same thing happened to me on me 2022 MXP when I got the window tint down…weird…I'm pretty sure its because they used the emergency release lever.

  5. waste of money, they ripped you off, toyota corolla is the best car, nothing would beat that not even your electric tesla lol

  6. Great vid thanks for sharing! Did they keep the car overnight to install the tint or was it done in one day?