Camping In Tesla Model X – Topfit Model X Air Mattress Review

What is it like to camp inside a Tesla Model X? I’ll show you. I slept in my Tesla Model X on this Topfit inflatable air mattress for 6 days. It was great! Highly recommend that you get one!

Topfit Model X air mattress

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  1. great videos but i went down a rabbit hole looking for the completion of the nose cone on the camper tailor. so whats the outcome?

  2. Hello James, I've been looking at some of your older videos on the Rav4 EV. I'm currently looking at purchasing one for myself to use and was curious about the condition of the battery at 100,000. How has the battery pack been holding up over time with many miles driven. I would greatly appreciate any information you or the community would be able to provide as there is very little in terms of new information on these cars. Thanks.

  3. Do you have anything to cover up your windows at night? I've been thinking about possibly camping in mine but I would want some covering on the Windows especially with camp mode screen on all night

  4. I plan on a multi day trip in my S. You said you’ve been sleeping there for about a week. How are you dealing with showers?