NEW Tesla Model Y Just Got Faster

Model Y 4680 Acceleration boost, new solar EV launching this year, Tesla lithium supply, Model Y/3 most american made cars and more!

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  1. It's cool to see all these new vehicles coming out but if they price is so high, it will be difficult for people to move from ICE cars. The idea was to make it more affordable but right now is very difficult to get an EV for someone with a middle class income.

  2. I am starting to lose some respect for tesla because they keep removing the features and how software locking features as well? that's just insane, its not different from Toyota locking the remote key fov without a subscription. what are these companies thinking, not only you are paying 10's of thousands for the car, but you still need to pay more to unlock features that are already there? its not like unlocking skins in Fortnight, well actually now that I think about it, its exactly like that. SMH

  3. Cabin protection drains the most on hot days battery went from 80% to 30% in a 3 days of 100 degree weather. Turned off the sentry during the day, only use it at night.

  4. i dont know the cybertruck is quite ugly and looks like what it is a prototype. but well thats just my taste, you people might like it 🙂

  5. Ah man the future of Tesla and technology is so amazing man! Can’t wait to see the company in the next few years 😄🥳

  6. It makes sense what Sony has done.
    They want to make vehicles, so they've partnered with one of the best auto manufacturers in the world to take care of production. Plain and simple.

    Sony already has plenty of auto simulation experience (or has worked hand in hand with people who do for years). Hopefully they can bring that into the real world from the virtual.

  7. Much more excited about Aptera than lightyear. As my concern is about the environment and how vehicles pollute them
    Aptera uses much less material. Is more efficient, therefore using less batteries to achieve the same distances. Faster. And can produce about the same amount of solar range. At a small fraction of the cost.
    It's better for everyone.

    Still yet, I'm glad to see auto manufacturers aiming at at efficiency. It really matters to the environment.
    Still hoping that ALL auto manufacturers go hard at producing highly efficient cars that can charge themselves, sparing the grid from needing to produce more electricity.

    I would love to see the day when all homes and vehicles can power themselves without need of grid power.
    It's possible.

  8. I watch a lot of videos about Tesla, and Ryan's are the best. His voice, pacing, lighting, graphics, and content are exceptional.

  9. Semi trucks pollute so much, and make horrific noise. Most noise from freeway driving comes from large semi trucks with gigantic 3 ton engines made out of solid cast iron, and they take 20 gallons of motor oil just to operate. Semi trucks are the biggest waste of fossil fuels in the world. Because fossil fuel has been obsolete for at least 75 years now, since Charles Garrett made a water-hydrogen carburetor in the 1930's. In 1973 Shell oil held a competition and a man built a car in his personal garage that was a 1959 Opel 4 cylinder car that weighed 2500 lbs, and was able to get 376 mpg, or 376 miles on 1 gallon of regular pump gasoline. That's 10 times the gas mileage of today's best cars. Why has gas mileage not been "allowed" to improve? Electric vehicles aren't even necessary at all, because there are dozens of fuels, including noble gas engines that re-use the fuel over and over, instead of burning the fuel, like a closed loop air conditioning "heat pump."

  10. I’ve had my Austin made SR model y for a few days now and I love it! My first Tesla.

  11. Does anyone know when the standard range AWD model Y will be available to purchase? I don’t see it on the website and this video shows available for just employees.

  12. New Y sux balls.. Why would anyone pay 65g for a Y with 279 miles is beyond me. Like many fans, I have 2 Teslas in my garage, at least I know one of them can travel 400 miles

  13. The thing with the solar cars is that the CIA doesn't like it and whoever made it will disappear suddenly. Otherwise it seems pretty cool.

  14. I don't get people paying $2000 for a slightly faster car. It's a F'ing car. Tesla sees you coming with that. Additionally, with all the new EVs coming to market will Tesla update anything besides the battery? Will we see new colors, new interiors, new options or features? It feels like Tesla sees so many orders and thinks why change anything, that just costs money.

  15. Lol just priced out a MY with wheels upgrade and a MYP both in standard grey….I'm in OR and they are only $2k apart!!! So…if I bought the MY long range and added the 2k speed boost…it's the same as just buying a performance but instead of 4.2 I'd get 3.5 sec 😅 um….anyone notice this? That's kinda dumb!

  16. I almost bought a Model Y last year. But the steady increase in FSD gave me some pause. Now they nickel and dime you for an acceleration boost, at the same time they are raising the prices. As much as I am impressed by their technology, the price is growing beyond my interest level.

  17. What's with the quad motor on the chart at 7% , how did they come up with figure. Since nobody has been able order quad motors ?

  18. Elon claiming Tesla is the leader in AI, is like GM claiming to be the leader in EVs.

  19. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is, it's pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation. I think stores better have tight security because when people can't afford to feed their families, things might get ugly

  20. Another great video. About solar on EVs. I saw that the Fisker Ocean One and I believe the Ocean Extreme will feature (SolarSky). A solar panel implemented roof.

  21. Elon musk is making self fulfilling predictions.
    "I'm really feeling bad about the economy…oh you see I was right, you (and 3000 others) just lost your job!"

  22. Who cares how much faster they go versus how much longer you get on a charge. Unless, you are drag racing who cares, we know they have over 350hp and are fast and have also gone up to an obscene $63K+ They were also voted the least reliable car of 2021 from Car and Driver and Consumer Reports. Make them better, cheaper and more efficient, not faster.

  23. Nice to see you and your wife today in the parking lot of sprouts Ryan. My wife is very outgoing where she had to ask if it was really you. Lol

  24. hi Ryan,
    FYI, just received email from cybertruck reservation holder's that Elon has just announced that final design is confirmed & production predicted to begin around 3rd quarter of 2023'
    regards, Will

  25. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. i added AB to my 3LR, and it was well worth the $2,000. Even my wife thinks so!

  26. The SR model 3 definitely needs an update ( faster 0-60). Sad to see that the model 3 isn't made in berlin/texas yet.

  27. Tech companies and aerospace companies have salaried personnel layoffs every so often to get rid of slackers and older workers only to hire many of them back as contract employees without benefits. This is the dirty little secret of how they can quickly lower their overhead cost and without losing productivity. Also contract employees are much more easy to terminate.

  28. recently i rode in a Telzuh and it changed my life forever!!!! former piston head!!! upvoted!!!