Lawyers Stop Clarkson from Being Libellous About the Tesla Model X #Shorts

A team of lawyers try to reason with Jeremy about the likelihood of a Tesla setting itself on fire. 🔥

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  1. So I've got two options: Either burn to death or get electrocuted.
    I will take the second one, I guess it will be less painful although the firemen has to arrive as soon as possible after I crash my Tesla😅😂

  2. So true,
    The first thing I’d work on if I became President would be Tort reform, put these misguided fools out of work.
    Then watch as the price of healthcare and auto insurance and many many things dropped.

  3. Everyone has their own opinion but I'm sorry Jimmy Carson's wrong yes he's right it's an electric fire but fire departments do not have the equipment yet to handle this cuz who knows when the batteries are going to click to ignite when they get into an accident

  4. I'll say it for him. Tesla's are death traps. Dont google the cost of replacing a dead battery not covered by warranty.

  5. he's wrong. electric cars burst into flames less frequently than petrol cars, when crashed

  6. His almost frightening genius will figure something out 😂 I mean what could possibly go wrong 😂

  7. i mean he’s not wrong,he’s exactly like my dad who thinks straight forward but with stupid ideas😂

  8. He's not wrong, and it's important either
    Few weeks ago in korea, hyundai ioniq 5 caught on fire on small crash and ignited to 800'c in 3 seconds… it's ignition is faster than it's acceleration

  9. Lithium ion and Lithium iron phosphate, difference in battery technology now. LiFePO4 can not catch fire or explode. Unless there is manufacturing defect to create a spark and ignite something else, but won't be the battery itself.

  10. It will take about 6-8 years in order to have proper safe batteries on cars, they know it too!! Ppl know less…thats it…trust me when i say u dont want lithium battery on fire next to you…water does nothing to it!

  11. Just look at what happens to those electric bus when the batteries explode!! They can kill everyone on board the fire is so intense and so fast!!

  12. I loked the end of the video the best xD the way hebtrapped these annoying people in the car was just hilarious