Going to Vintage Drive In the 2022 Tesla Model X Refresh

In todays video we go to Vintage Drive In located in Upstate NY in the 2022 Model X. We went to watch the new Marvel movie …


  1. What's it like driving with the Knight Rider steering wheel? I wondered if it's less safe when you're turning corners. What are your thoughts? Thanks 🙂Adam. UK

  2. Great video your car looks great from the interior ….hows the windscreen tint holding out, does it keep the cab cool in direct sunlight ? UK England still waiting my MXP 2023 sometime I hope! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. After a week with my new refreshed 2022 Model X I’m pleasantly pleased. I had a 2015 Model S before and I’m still learning all the new tech. I wish there were more accessories like the 3/Y.

  4. Are you experiencing any phantom braking with cruise or autopilot? I have a new 2022 long range and I have had some unsettling experiences.

  5. Hey, Still waiting on my X and loving your channel . I loved watching your dog go around the table, 5 rounds, I think. It made me think about hauling dogs in the model x. (With or without a crate, ease of entry, cleaning, dog mode etc.) if the dog is in the back is there enough air circulation? Thanks