Tesla Model Y Order Update | I Got My VIN Nimber!!!! 7-23-2022

This is an update on my Tesla Model Y I ordered in August 2021. I just got my Vin number July 23 2022! Thanks for Watching …


  1. Congratulations on getting your new Model Y soon. I don't feel so bad now thinking 9 months waiting for our new car is so bad 🙂 Looking forward to your delivery video.

  2. oh wow! congrats!man! well deserved! you should celebrate still..with VIN..Youll get it!. enjoy it!! :)))

  3. Congratulations 🍾 finally for my experience I pick up my car I pay full for cash ,I take the my cashier's check to pick up center!

  4. I just pick up a model Y very impressive.

    Keep a look out for paint Scratches I had that!!!!

    I guess they used a dirty rag also check all molding exterior as well as interior I had a damage at the center column between front passenger & rear passenger area!!!!

  5. 🥳🥳🥳🥳 congrats mine was pushed again until mid-AUG to mid-SEPT my friend got his VIN this week and ordered in 1 month after me. frustrating at this point but im very happy for you cant wait to see it

  6. Congratulations man!!🎉🍾. My delivery day keeps changing, at first I was looking at Oct,Nov, Dec, now I’m looking at Jan!!😡

  7. Congratulations!! MyEDD changed to Sept 4- Oct 9, fine though because I'm going to Europe tomorrow.

  8. Hey got my VIN number too today, I am processing the insurance and have mine finance through Tesla's financing which so far the current auto loan interest offered is competitive in the current market. I ended up with US Bank through Tesla lending. Is Tesla Insurance worth it? Or better get progressive or other insurance? My delivery date is July 28 to August 8, 2022. I ordered my model Y LR 7 seats last October, 2021. I got the Fremont version based on the VIN. I guess I am not getting the 4680 battery.

  9. I ordered my Model YLR November 8, 2021. Got a VIN number July 3 and had two delivery dates which were canceled by Tesla. I finally got my car July 18, was it worth the wait? Most definitely.

  10. Congratulations. Hope you enjoy the car. Tesla change my delivery date f..g again, now from July14 to july30, now is Sept20- Oct 20. I ordered Dec 19,2021. 7 dates changes since then.I can’t believe this sh… I’m done with tesla.🤬

  11. Congratulations Mike! 🎈🎊
    Finally for you, I ordered mine LR white seats before you back in Late September and my delivery date was May 15th.
    Maybe yours took longer because the 7 seat configuration, but anyway Happy for you.

  12. Damn you finally got a vin I got my vin less then 3 months 🤣🤣🤣, there prioritizing the model 3s first 😁

  13. Finally! Congratulations! I got push to October – November now, let’s keep waiting. Glad to see that you got a vin because we ordered about the same date last year.

  14. Congrats I’ve been following your journey
    I’m in the same boat that you were in. I’m so happy for you. Hope my comes NEXT

  15. I picked mine up on the 17th of June after placing my order back in August 21. I used an App for my checklist.

  16. You haved whined and moaned for 6-8 months like you were the only one !
    Maybe your channel can go away until you can come up with something original !

  17. Congrats. Hopefully this is the beginning to the end. I couldn’t imagine waiting 11 months. But still hopeful that my performance will be here soon.