[M4F] Our Dirty Little Secret [Male Model X Photographer] [Enemies to Lovers] [BF Roleplay]

For as long as you remember, you and Abel always had a burning rivalry but you don’t know the cause for his bitter resentment towards you.
You’re the typical, smart, top student of your class. At least that’s what everyone thinks you are. At night you work as a photographer with male models to help your financial situation.
One night you book a gig with a new model only to be surprised to find out that it’s your rival. How will you handle each other’s dirty little secret?

This was the most fun I’ve had writing and acting out for an audio. The concept was something I just randomly came up with and I thought it’d be nice if I made it into an actual in depth audio so here it is haha. I really love writing Enemies to Lovers type stories, there’s really some fun in writing someone you dislike then slowly turning them into someone you fall for romantically. Idk, I just really like the thrill of it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this audio, I poured my heart into it and once again thank you for your support. It’s thanks to you that I get to continue doing this. Luv ya babe 🖤


Francis 🖤

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  1. The way he talks to his sister 😩 tagos po sa lungs

    *Spicy part comes in*
    Me: Kuya, we still have to do the photoshoot. KUYA YUNG PHOTOSHOOT MUNA 😭😂

  2. Frkn heck i feel so stupif for not understanding anything you said to your sister!! Aaagghhhh would you maybe make a video of you teaching the listener some Tagalog?? My filipino self would appreciate it haha 😂🥰 Frkn loved the video so much ❤💖💜

  3. Awww. Thank you for your hard work, Feran. Ramdam ko yung pinaghirapan mo and it was really reflected here. Rest na. 😘

  4. My sick brain told me that he treated us well only because he didnʼt want to lose his job opportunit:)
    But his cries completely changed my mind.

  5. My name is Abelle, so the fact that it’s his too is confusing 😭 still loved the audio tho 🤍

  6. Yay! My b-day is on Friday! Happy b-day to me! This came just in time. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I'm beyond ecstatic! (GG)


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  8. What about next video, the listener finds out exactly where his sister is in the Philippines, she makes it anonymous, she sets his sister up with her own job, your own place, even her own vehicle. Plus some extra cash to buy her some furniture for her new one bedroom one bathroom kitchen,plus living room. His sister calls him and says brother I'm here in the states. Where are you. I'm at my new apartment. They have a family reunion. Daniel calls him and asks him do you want to come for pizza. He says yes , him and his sister go to have pizza with his friends.. everybody starts talking about friends,family, and the people who have been there since day one. He tells everyone he has to go. He goes to Listeners studio. He asks her,are you the one that helped my sister. She says yes. He says he didn't have to do that. But she says I wanted to. You need your sister. Someone from your family. The listener says now you don't have to work so much. Stretching yourself so thin. You can just model now… You make enough money just from modeling to pay for bills and take your girlfriend out and spend time with her , and take her out on dates. He says a girlfriend… I don't have a girlfriend. Too busy to have one, plus I have been cheated on in the past. I need someone who I can trust, someone who is my best friend, someone like you. I can stop thinking about you, every since that night here in your studio. I have not been able to stop thinking about you… We care about each other, we like each, we help our friends and family as much as we can. Besides your photos are incredible. Will you be my girlfriend. She leans in and kisses him and says yes.

  9. My photography skills are shitty but let's pretend I am perfect 🤭
    Did I just hear 4th wall break 😳😍
    Damn such a steamy teasing ending 👀
    This is so beautiful Ferry🥺 Honestly so many emotions in a single audio? Uff so good 🥰 Now I can sleep peacefully 😌

  10. I'm loving this so very much. I hope there is more to this story. It's so sexy,hot,kind, sweet, loving passionate.

  11. Me: bruh, He speaking chinese or some ?
    Me: ou sh*t-
    Bruh, literally my dad 24/7, He steals my money, the one from my sis and my moms money QvQ

  12. may i know the script is by ?? and if may i have the permission to convert it into [F4M]

  13. Well since I didn't got enough sleep, this made me fell asleep right now🤍😍

  14. The plot low key sounds familiar like the pizza part sounds like his latest audio😭😭😭